As Israel-Palestinian truce holds, Gaza power plant restarts


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Life for hundreds of thousands of Israelis was disrupted during the violence, even as the country's sophisticated Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted many of the rockets

What about mentioning the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children who account for 50% of the population of Gaza of which 97% are living with PTSD?? Can you imagine how loud and scary these poundings are? Again, so many pictures and videos of the horrors committed by Israel on the children and the families of Palestine but NOT on mainstream media. Why?

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Gaza is one big prison with innocent inmates, adults and children, at the mercy of their Hamas jailers.

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"As Israel-Palestinian truce holds, Gaza power plant restarts"

The word "TRUCE" here is absurd. When a heavily armed racist fascism arbitrarily attacks a resource denied population imprisoned in concrete and barbed wire walled Concentration Camps with high tech weaponry, targeting civilian infrastructure and homes, the word 'TRUCE' which is customarily used between at least somewhat equal opponents becomes a propagandistic LIE. And "hundreds of rockets" almost entirely homemade and equivalent to bottle rockets in their accuracy and deadliness just a desperate attempt to at least try to defend themselves against psychopaths in whatever primitive way they can.

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"As Israel-Palestinian truce holds, Gaza power plant restarts"

Here, starting with the murder of a young boy and continuing with the periodic deadly abuse of its powerless victims to quell any thought they may have of FREEDOM, we see again the necessity of enslaved people who must bow to the murderers or see more of their own people murdered in cold blood. THAT can hardly be called a "TRUCE".  These are tactics learned from the SS and the same mentality wields them.

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"Gaza is one big prison with innocent inmates, adults and children, at the mercy of their Hamas jailers."

Of all of the organizations in Palestine, and especially the corrupt PA since Arafat was assassinated, HAMAS has done more for their people to organize healthcare, schools, social programs, and the many other needs of an imprisoned, abused, and deprived people than anyone else in the Mideast or the World. They are vilified by the Western voices BECAUSE they are the best hope the people of Palestine have. "In December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly rejected a U.S. resolution condemning Hamas as a terrorist organization." - Wikipedia Whatever LIES the U.S. propagates against HAMAS, the WORLD doesn't agree.

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