Charities struggle to deliver humanitarian aid into Ukraine


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Amazon gave 5mill, how pathetic is that

Talk about first-world privilege. Five million is five million more than you've ever given for anything.

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Facebook and Instagram platforms for nonprofits that support humanitarian aid.

But hasn't Putin banned Facebook in Russia, even though one of his oligarchs is a major shareholder, no wonder Russians and their "useful ...I's have been able to use Facebook to spread their propaganda. Does anyone know whether Russia has its own state approved social media outlets?

And here's something showing the Trump klan's connections with Russia.

I'm sure Trump/Putin cultists will defend it saying good business and freedom of the press, while they attack the free press for not slanting reports to praise Putin/Trump.

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Putin and his rubber stamp Duma will never be allowed to return to any sense of normalcy after attacking a sovereign nation, that by the way they were bound NOT to attack by 1994 nuclear agreement, in such a savage fashion. They are now in company with North Korea as a pariah among nations....

Many Charities suffer from the "leaky bucket" syndrome. You fill the bucket and walk it over to where it is needed and when it gets there, the bucket is almost empty. Before it is delivered, the CEO's, top executives and their family members, who work for the charities, dip in and take their share. Then, the middlemen who are delivering the bucket take their share. Then the handlers at the point of distribution skim off their "handling" fees. Lastly, the local officials decide to send the almost empty bucket to where the need is greater... their political supporters, their friends, etc.

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 200,000 Jews living in Ukraine.

Putin and his oligarchs trying to destroy Ukraine know full well about the Jewish population living there, showing Putin is not too different from Stalin and Hitler in doing so. Or does Putin fear more Jews might leave Ukraine and take their talents to another country, like Sergey Brin's (co-founder of Google) father did. The father is now a math professor in the US. How many Jews forced to leave Russia and other totalitarian Eastern European nations left the countries of their birth and moved away, where their descendants later went on to win Nobel Prizes and become leaders in an array of fields.

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Amazon gave 5mill, how pathetic is that

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