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Chicago braces for rise in gun violence amid summer heat

By Bob Chiarito

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Thanks to news organizations for putting the idea that shooting people is an option in Chicago instead of spending time inside cool places and visiting the pool or lake with family. People in Chicago should just be happy they don't live in Baltimore.

BTW, the city of Chicago has some of the strongest anti-gun laws in the USA. But the city is surrounded by many counties following the sanctuary firearm idea. Thanks to the Democrats and California for teaching that it is perfectly fine to ignore laws from the state and federal govt if you don't like them, right?


BTW, the USA is doing really well in the Pan American Games. They took 1st and 2nd in the Men's Quick shooting and our Women took Gold and Silver in the 10m air rifle event. All over the Americas, shooting and hunting are family sports.

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Personally I am anti-gun, and most definitely not a republican nor democrat, but stopping the sales of guns will do nothing to stop the carnage.


I agree there is no quick solution, but are there not steps that can be taken to put things on a path to fewer guns? For example, generally prohibiting the carrying of guns outside the home, but allowing the keeping of guns at home. This would allow a sense of security to those genuinely fearful, but induce the notion that just the sight of a gun in a public place is a criminal act and cause people to call the police. Criminals would have to take more care, and the borderline criminals would be less inclined to carry guns. Then take it from there.

Maybe I'm naive, but I've lived in two countries where the thought of owning a gun is far from most people's minds. The sight of a gun in public would cause an immediate response from the police. It's nice to live in such countries - not perfect but better than having guns all over the place.

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Look out US, with global warming the temperature is going to continue to rise. Is there also a relationship between US military aggression and temperature?

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Oh America. Continuing to set a great example of how not to be.

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And the white people paradise of a New Hampshire. Kinda ruins the racist component of this.”drug infested den” where white people live. So what’s that mean? Maybe rest s place is infested when it is infested. Regardless of who lives there.

Trump uses the word infestation when he also speaks about Mexicans, Obama, Ilhan Omar, Elijah Cummings, and John Lewis

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So when Cummings says “infested” too about his own city what does that tell us?

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While it may not seem like racism, what you may not have seen was his choice of words. Many people have broken down the way Trump references certain cities. He has continuously used the word "infested" when speaking about cities that have a mostly black population so while what he says may not have seemed racist on the outside, when you take a deeper look it was actually race related. Outside of mentioning it to describe those cities, Trump uses the word infestation when he also speaks about Mexicans, Obama, Ilhan Omar, Elijah Cummings, and John Lewis. He doesn't use it to describe places that have similar situations as mostly black cities or when arguing with politicians that are not colored.

For Trump, infestation has a certain image behind it and that image is a racial one so it is racist.

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@Joe: Please review the definition of racism. What Trump said was not racist at all. It was truthful and the truth hurts.

Personally I am anti-gun, and most definitely not a republican nor democrat, but stopping the sales of guns will do nothing to stop the carnage. Education might, but there is a mindset in the rotten areas of major cities in America due to poor family situations to let education take hold. Being street savvy and thuggish is more popular than education and a good mind.

Guns are everywhere. Perhaps the government should issue guns to all educated adults.

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Prepare for more "racist" tweets from Trump when he dares criticize the crime-infested Chicago!

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While I loved the summers growing up in New York, people also had shorter tempers because of the heat. Even when I played football, most of our fights happened during summer camp. Nothing pisses people off more easily than the heat. This is why we need someone brave enough to step in like the Govenor of Florida.

The attorney general tried to block that law and it failed in the supreme court. Now they are trying to ban the sale of assault class weapons in Florida and the attorney general is trying to block that as well. The NRA has a long reach.

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Killing mothers that are trying to STOP violence? Man there's a special place in hell for people committing those murders. So sad.

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Civilian gun fatalities in the US far exceed losses in all the country's wars combined. It took less than six weeks to surpass the deaths from 9/11 terrorism. So how is this "helping" American democracy?

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I sometimes think America does not revoke guns from their citizens for the reason that America will become weak if they prohibits owning guns by their citizens. Owning guns may be helping American democracy. Strong individuals.

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