Child abuse claims sweep Catholic Church in Europe


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This is just crazy. There's cases of child abuse carried out by members of the Catholic church popping up pretty much everywhere.

The church should repealthe part of their doctrine that says priests must remain celibate.

Anglican church ministers are permitted to marry, even - gosh - have a family, and it teaches about the same God that the Catholic church does.

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Why do articles about Catholic priests always dance around the real issue? The church has a homosexual problem - not some none specific "abuser" problem. For the same reason that bank robbers rob banks (because that is where the money is), gay pedophiles become Catholic priests (because that is where the young male alterboys are).

Church officials should probably just go ahead and allow priests to get married as-long-as the spouse is an adult female. They will likely get many more men willing to become priests and they could get over the insanity of looking the other way when some sicko priests is caught molesting a young boy because there is a shortage of priests.

Moderator: Pedophilia and homosexuality are completely different issues. Please do not confuse the two.

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The Catholic church is doomed. People are leaving the church in droves. The Church will need to radically reform itself to survive. Yet, nothing changes. Its a shame, the Catholic charities does a lot of good.

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The Catholic Church;

The biggest international paedophile ring......with protection from the highest levels.

A disgrace.

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