Child sex abuse claims shake U.N. as revelations continue


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This isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened. If the United nations still can't investicate these things properly, it will jeopardize their mandate. On the other hand you can't expect too much from organization, to which all countries are welcome.

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The UN is a useless self admiration group of do nothing bureaucrats that just hold posts and give pompous speeches. They are no better than the IOC or FiFA dirtbags that suck billions from dumb people. Stuff like this happens all over the world especially in war torn countries and there are no police to arrest the criminals. Vive la france mon ami.

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"One boy, 8 or 9 years old, said he did it several times to the same soldier, “until one day an older kid saw him and told him what he was doing was bad.”

Another boy, 9, said he thought the soldiers had been urinating."

What the heck is wrong with some people?

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Do they join the army because they're sick, or does being away from home and deprived of normal sexual relations make them sick?

Somebody should find out....

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The truth about all this is so not wanted. You have not even come close to the truth.

One truth is that we have no idea how many kids lives those same soldiers may have saved, and even if we did know, it would not be accounted for.

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So, Living,

How should we think about this?

Are they saviours or abusers? Or maybe both??

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Are they saviours or abusers? Or maybe both??

Abusers, since Europe started to invade Africa.

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And we are wasting our time chasing after FIFA.

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