Childhood TV addicts more likely to commit crime: study


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Oh New Zealand!! You're so cute with your studies!

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**THIS study by new Zealand corroborates many other studies done on the impact on TV on children................................ AMERCICAN and DUTCH studies support the aboeve findings, as well, show that TV exposure affects brain development, in terms of WHAT PARTS of the brain over-develop and what parts underdevleop ( eg the excecutive/ thinking part AND the language reception and formation part) ...............................The studies also are corroborated by separate BRITISH, CANADIAN and JAPANESE research projects on this ............................................So parents be mindful that exposing your you child to TV IS HARMFUL ***

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Well, I just love that last paragraph. Guy co-authors a decades long research that shows correlation between violent social behavior and watching a lot of TV as kids, and after all the serious work he goes on to say: "video games might be worse", because who cares about science, right?

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**The study said it was possible that children learned anti-social behavior by watching it on TV, leading to emotional desensitization and the development of aggressive behavior.

But it said the content of what children were viewing was not the only factor, highlighting the social isolation experienced by those who spent hours watching the box.

“It is plausible that excessive television viewing contributes to anti-social behavior in ways unrelated to violent content,” it said.**

Geez, so all those Gilligans Island episodes, Lost in Space, Speed Racer, MASH, Benny Hill made me the monster I am today??????

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It could also be that the kids who watched more TV were also kids who lived in households where they parents weren't around as much.

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The problem that all of the studies in this area have is that they are working from an assumption that behaviour can be influenced through visual stimulus (in this case T.V). This assumption has never been proven. We shouldn't forget that psychology isn't a science either.

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OMG - have been a TV addict for over 50 years - why am I not out committing crimes?

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sillygirl - - there are other factors that co-ordinate to affect brain development, brain chemistry and behaviour responses. ...................... Young children ( toddlers - 8) are most at risk........................................................The other effect of too much TV and Video Games is that kids that experience over exposure show problems learning i nschool, PARTUCLARLY READING and Language Skills

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It makes sense to me...if kids aren't out socializing and learning what is right from wrong by personal experience, it is hard for them to grasp the concepts. I hope that I can raise a kid in a relatively tv/pc light environment.

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BS! Before this it was comic books, before that it was a fountain pen instead of a feather and ink. People LOOK for new technology to blame instead of other causes -- the economy is in the toilet, access to weapons is easier (even where it's difficult), etc. The people who conducted this research went into it LOOKING for their result, and even then it's full of "It may contribute to..." and "It's possible that...", etc.

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Good point, Superlib.

It does not appear that they controlled for single-parenting effects.

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Couldn't they just have compared high school grads vs. college grads, or any number of things? Maybe someone who didn't go to college is 20% more likely to commit crime...? Or 40%?

And I'm wondering about race. Are they able to say that (insert race) is more negatively affected by TV?

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SuperLib: Good points. It's kind of similar to what I was saying about how they were actively looking for the proof they sought before setting up to do the study. The 'control group' sounds pretty skewed.

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This is utter rubbish... I was born in the mid 60s and watched a fair bit of telly in my younger days... and I'm not aggressive. I was so passive as a kid that I was bullied at school. Even now in my 40s I'm not aggressive. I grew up on a diet of Doctor Who, Gerry Anderson, Star Trek, and later the Sweeney, Professionals, Starsky and Hutch, etc... I've never been involved in a fight since I was last beaten up at school. I also read violent comics such as 2000AD, Battle, Action and never went all psycho on people.

Back to the drawing board lads and lassies.

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This is utter rubbish... I was born in the mid 60s and watched a fair bit of telly in my younger days... and I'm not aggressive.

I would not say the study was rubbish and it was certainly not about whether or not you Tbird2 became aggressive. It was about the odds of kids becoming aggressive. Some will, and some (you) won't.

What the study is is just not all that helpful. It gives more questions than answers. Its more like a signpost than a destination. Still a long way to go on the journey. I would say its like a signpost in LA pointing the way to New York. Many rights and many lefts from here. Probably some U turns as well.

If a kid watches TV with his family and they all laugh and talk about it, isn't that a lot different than a kid who watches TV alone while papa is at work and momma ignores him and does housework?

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I'm not sure that watching TV makes children more prone to crime but it will make them a lot stupider. While I wasted my earlier years watching car chases, shoot outs and 'let's get outta here' dialogue and turned out passive, my brother had his head buried in the books and is now 42, mortgage-paid, takes 2 or 3 holidays a year and is looking at retirement before 50 with a family. Sorry people, I've had a tough day.

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Kids can learn good heart or bad one from TV depends what content particular generation is expose to. I grow up watching Walt Disney cartoons and I never had anger or agresion problems and never go to jail.

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What were the statistics for the control group? There was a control group, right? In looking into more articles on this study I found a few interesting bits:

"Authors of the New Zealand study said it was possible that antisocial behavior itself led to more television viewing." Pittsburg Post Gazette

Questions about variables the study did not take into account:

A bit more here: From all these articles, and more I ran across, it sounds like the researches admitted to not knowing a lot of stuff; so what? We're back to TV = antisocial behavior = ?

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Total garbage.

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This behaviour is linked to the child's environment including televison watching. It may be unpopular to say these days but these problems are mostly caused by lazy parenting. Much easier to keep the kiddies subdued in front of the box than occupy them with something that stimulates their brains and improves them. It has been shown that on average this is worse where neither parent stays at home to look after the kids,there are more bad behaviour traits, poorer health and social skills on average. Parenting is a full time job, tv and video gaming should play a very small part of a child's life and not become an addiction.

TV is the same as junk food, ok in moderation but don't get hooked.

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"Neighbours" and other harsh artificial soaps, full of shallow aggressive 'people' left/leave no room in the heart for patience, nature, poetry, maturity, peaceful reflection, etc.

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