Children rescued from ruins days after earthquake, as death toll tops 23,700

By Kemal Aslan, Maya Gebeily and Khalil Ashawi

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Rescuers, including teams from dozens of countries

Salute all involved in rescue operations, may they be safe.

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So many heartbreaking stories! Depending on who is doing the estimating there are anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 collapsed buildings just in Turkiye. Probably the majority had people sleeping in them when they collapsed. How does any nation rescue so many trapped people?

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That image of the little infant is going to become iconic. Reporters are probably going to follow the little fellow through the rest of his life to see how it turned out.

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His government also approved humanitarian aid deliveries across the frontlines of the country's 12-year civil war, a move that could speed up the arrival of help for millions of desperate people. The World Food Program said earlier it was running out of stocks in rebel-held northwest Syria as the state of war complicated relief efforts.

Pathetic US goverment, when you are going to lift your criminal sanctions on Syria, many need help and are dying because of your geopolitical whims..

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Pathetic US goverment, when you are going to lift your criminal sanctions on Syria, many need help and are dying because of your geopolitical whims..

There are no sanctions or any other restrictions on humanitarian aide to Syria. None. There never were either. Syria is only allowing allies of their regime to provide aid. The northern part of Syria is controlled by rebel groups, some of which are terrorist organizations like HTS, some are Turkish supported like the Syrian National Army (SNA) and further east the rebels are Kurdish YPG. There is only one designated crossing point for aid entering norther Syria and that is through Turkiye, but is controlled by the UN. It was Wednesday before Syria allowed any foreign aid into the regions controlled by rebel groups. In addition the roads leading to that border crossing were impassable due to earthquake damage. There are negotiations between Syria, Turkiye and the UN to open more border crossings from Syrian controlled regions to rebel controlled regions to facilitate aid. None of this has anything to do with sanctions. It is a war zone with multiple combatants many of which fight among each other as much as they fight the Syrians.

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90% of the victims could have been avoided if scientists did not oppose the introduction of technologies for accurately predicting the strength, place and time of earthquakes.

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majority of help coming to Turkey and to northern parts of Syria under control of "democrats" aka "insurgents"/read terrorists/.

other part of Syria getting help mainly from Russia and China,thanks to US and western sanctions imposed on Syria.very "human" ones,just to note and make a picture complete.

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No need for anyone to make this disaster political. It’s bad enough.

Sometimes it takes a chance like this for people to come together and show generosity.

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