China's Huawei soft power push raises hard questions


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How many times has the Chinese (or any) Govt asked Huawei to provide access inside any network where the company refused?

We know that AT&T has refused govt requests.

We know that Quest has refused govt requests.

We know that Apple has refused govt requests.

We know that Microsoft has refused govt requests.

We know that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Cisco have all refused govt requests.

Cisco and Motorola caught Huawei stealing their intellectual property.

Huawei Admits Copying Code From Cisco in Router Software

Secret Back Door in Some U.S. Phones Sent Data to China, AnalystsSayThis one impacted a number of Chinese handset makers. The Chinese software company who made it claimed that it was created for a specific Chinese customer and never should have been deployed on phones sold any where else.

Facts matter.

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The decision to buy a smartphone should come with the acceptance to give up your privacy. I thought that was common knowledge.

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FizzBit - true, but smartphones are only the tip.

Huawei is a huge switch, fierwall, and router vendor. People using normal computers, from reputable sources, well-outside the Huawei realm might have all their data transmitted places they wouldn't know due to network infrastructure.

The USA has warned others about the poor security in Huawei's network gear. Being easily hacked is a major problem. Not getting patches to fix known holes for multiple years is also a systemic. Even Huawei's firewalls have been hacked.

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