China's vast Xinjiang hit with COVID-19 travel restrictions


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But China has been inviting the world to visit Xinjiang for over a year as a way to claim all is perfect and happy there. The fact that it costs $20K in airfare to for Europeans and North Americans to visit just be taken around by a govt "minder" to approved locations only, has no relevance. is one story of foreigners who decided to visit the Silk Road area. It is eye opening, if you've never been.

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What makes government act in this manner?

I believe that initially it was fear of the unknown but later as a tool of economic, social and scientific experimentation and/or control.

Covid has been used (admittedly )as a social tool for control in such countries as even the UK!

China, in more and more restrictive ways and now as a tool of repression to further control the Uighurs.

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as China further ratchets up control measures ahead of a key Communist Party congress later this month.

Travel restrictions and a 'racheting up of control measures' is what autocracies do, and still many people want them to replace democracies. But Xi Jinping is China's leader for life, Russians are a bit luckier because they're only stuck with Peter the Great wannabe Putin until 2036, or maybe until someone at the top of the Kremlin opts to get rid of li'l Vlad so they can take his place, continue Russia's expansion efforts perhaps more effectively than Vlad has, while selling off Russian resources to live a life of luxury like Putin. Beware leaders who stay in power too long, especially those willing to do whatever they can to stay. This can happen when there are few mechanisms in place to limit their reigns of terror, and also happen when the leader has a base of followers willing to start a civil war to maintain their idol's power, see USA. Or the leader has support from an unstable power figure with a nuclear arsenal, see Belarus.

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The Army have joined the ranks of the "dabai" and Social Media users are posting pictures of dabai carrying automatic Weapons in an Airport.

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Hahahaha! This won't stop until 2037....

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