China's bet on homegrown mRNA vaccines holds back nation


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Backward leaders making backward decisions?

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Will not use it because it is American. Chinese people subjected to a punishing complete lock down and some die. Not something a responsible government would do. By all means continue to develop your own domestic mRNA vaccine, but use what is available until then. The only reason to refuse is to admit to your population that US medicines are better and more advanced than China's. So for embarrassment sake, all this avoidable pain on Chinese citizens and supply chain pain for the world.

Just one more reason to not depend on China. As if the world needed more reasons.

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It seems the West was held back by the ineffectiveness of their own mRNA attempts too though

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They stole the West's pharma IP, and still failed.

God knows what the populace has been injected with.

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Of course, China could decide to go with the Iranian-Cuban vaccines that are highly effective too.

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They stole the West's pharma IP, and still failed.

This is officially licensed by Pfizer according to the article. Not stolen, though I have no doubt they tried to steal it first, for many, many, months.

Xi just wants to save Face rather than use the most effective vaccines available. The number of deaths and people locked down doesn't matter. Perhaps if Xi spent a month in a 2rm flat, locked in, with randomly supplied govt food, then he'd understand? Not the food giving to the foreigners and wealthy, but the limited food provided to normal people in Beijing.

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The AstraZeneca vaccine developed in the UK was efficacious in preventing COVID.

Maybe the Chinese should have imported it…

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