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China's childcare costs among highest in world-think tank


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Due to reasons such as the high cost of childbearing and the difficulty for women to balance family and work, the Chinese people's average fertility willingness is almost the lowest in the world."

Without googling I am going to make a wild guess here and say that I think I know what country has to be "the lowest in the world!" Bet it's really close too!

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Korea at 0.72. by one source.


Taiwan at 0.83.


Not much of a difference when outward migration is factored in.

More young people leaving Taiwan than Korea.

Although both countries are experiencing a youth/brain drain.

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Seems Australia and France are pursuing good economical child policies unlike China, Japan and US!

Anybody have any insight as to WHY?

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Time to just give up. Enjoy the few remaining years before our extinction. Our generation is the weak link, the last link.

Speak for yourself! We keep trying in my house. My parents were more successful - 9 kids. Most chose to have 2+ kids, but a few chose not to have any.

Govts need to have a target birthrate and provide incentives for exactly that rate - not higher and not lower. Immigration policies need to map to the target rate too. China, Japan, and US aren't doing a good job of having an integrated population plan.

And don't forget that recreational drug use is important for "accidental" children.

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