China's premier meets New Zealand PM amid 5G dispute


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China has nothing NZ needs, NZ has much China wants. Arms distance, take the cash. Open the door only for that.

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NZ Stay strong, fat wallets usually come with pressure to change who you are...

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After seeing her intelligent response to the Christchurch attack, I doubt she'll do anything stupid with the leasing the ultra strategic Port of Darwin to them for 99 years like the Australian Govt. did......! D'oh!

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Hilarious response by the Chinese Government when everyone knows just how "fair, transparent, convenient" they are to Western companies.

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@Para Sitius


The situation could hardly be any more ridiculous. China is the epitome of “do what I say, not what I do.”

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Yeo, Singapore’s foreign minister from 2004 to 2011 and minister for trade and industry for five years before that, said the suggestion that Huawei equipment would allow the Chinese government to spy on customers was one-sided.

“To be worried that 5G can expose you to foreign intelligence efforts is a legitimate worry, and every country must take precautions,” Yeo said in an interview with the South China Morning Post.

“It is not just China which may enter your system – the United States and others are also trying to enter your system. If you are a small country, it is very tough because you don’t have all the capabilities.”

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The US was concerned about alleged spying by Huawei partly because if more countries used the company’s equipment, American intelligence could be prevented from doing its own snooping, Yeo said.

“The Americans are so worried about Huawei not only because Huawei represents a possible vulnerability, but because using Huawei also makes it harder for American intelligence to gain access into other people’s systems,” he said

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Chucky138 Bingo !

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New Zealand's government says two-way trade between the sides more than tripled in the 10 years since they signed a free trade agreement in 2018.

Was 2018 really ten years ago?

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NZ like Oz is a vassal state and will do what their US puppetmasters say

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Was 2018 really ten years ago?

Seems like only yesterday...

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NZ like Oz is a vassal state and will do what their US puppetmasters say

I think you would be surprised when looking back at history of NZ/US relations. Remember when NZ told The US 'please don't bring your boat into our harbour'? Or when they said they can still be a reliable partner and have an airforce without fighter planes?

As for NZ/China relations, economically, NZ sold out its own people to China two decades ago, eg, Hoki, a national fish resource used to be processed in NZ. Then, first they concentrated Hoki catch quotas in the hands of a couple of big corporations (instead of hundreds of small family operations), then these corporations closed NZ based Hoki processing factories and rebuilt them in China. So now NZDers buy frozen Hoki fillets that has travelled from NZ waters in the southern ocean all the way to China for processing, then all the way back again to NZ as processed products.

Most NZDers would also not want to hear about the milk powder jobs lost to China either, except now Chinese people won't buy it because it's made in China.

This story should have been titled 'Chinese Premier summoned NZ PM'.

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The National Govt set up a lot of deals for the Chinese when John Key was in power, now Labour has to follow through on these one sided transactions...Hope Jacinda plays hard ball & throws some Human rights issue concerns into the fray..

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LunarTuner, what human rights ? Can any countries on the planet of earth can achieve humanity progress as quick and as significant as China does ? 1.4 billions out of poverty, war, suffering and colonization in less than 70 years, can any lords deliver that ?

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China has nothing NZ needs, NZ has much China wants. Arms distance, take the cash. Open the door only for that.

Indeed, what can China do without New Zealand milk and dairy. Total and utter chaos. I think their economy might falter if their lactose intolerant people can't get their milk.

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China has nothing NZ needs,...

Are you kidding?! Apart from clothing, electronics, machinery... NZ bought $11.5b worth of goods from China last year.

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What do the People of New Zealand really need from China or the People of China? NOTHING!

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As a New Zealander I really want to keep China at arms length as much as possible. It's a brutal, totalitarian regime that we can trade with but also need to treat with suspicion and a high level of caution. Unfortunately NZ has become too dependent on trade with China and we need to diversify our markets. Closer ties with India (greater shared ties around things like cricket) and more distant ties with China are what I favour.

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NZ don't need anything from China, Please do carry out and terminate all trade and any other dealing with China, and let see who will be begging first.

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Akie, there is some significant work to do, and it won't happen with the current administration, here is just a few issues, freedom of information, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of academia, freedom of opinion, freedom of speech, freedom of the media, freedom of artistic expression, freedom of sexuality.... shall I go on?

NZ has already seen its own free people attacked, burgled and harassed by the Chinese Government for raising concerns... That is not the NZ way..

I sometimes wonder if you are just a stirrer, or if you have even been to China, or if you are there have ever left it. Its far from a paradise, it is still a developing nation with terrible pollution problems, the big cities dirty, noisy and unpleasant, visible poverty everywhere..

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You know how sometimes you wake up and you're not sure what day it is.......

New Zealand's government says two-way trade between the sides more than tripled in the 10 years since they signed a free trade agreement in 2018.

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NZ2011, please give the freedom back to the natives, their lands, their govts, their sovereignty, thank you.

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I am part "native", Maori, and New Zealand/Aotearoa is my country.

You haven't addressed any of the comments just made a baseless comment about NZ.

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