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China's Xi expands powers, promotes allies


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Under a revived 1950s propaganda slogan, “common prosperity,” Xi is pressing entrepreneurs to help narrow China's wealth gap by raising wages and paying for rural job creation and other initiatives.

Xi is an authoritarian technocrat with no concept of human rights.

But he recognizes wealth inequality is a destabilizing force and seeks to address it with actual strict policy measures and not just rhetoric , unlike the G7 leaders who when confronted by the hideous gaps in accumulation of wealth in their own countries think it is time for tax cuts for corporations and the rich and that wealth will trickle down.

Or the capital poor just need to pull on those bootstraps and stop eating organic avocado toast.

If a Western leader could combine a respect for fundamental human rights and this approach he would be golden.

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Corrupt, murderous, despotic, autocratic, evil.

That's "President" Xi.

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Poor Hong Kong and Uyghurs.

How can this man show compassion for these two peoples when he allowed Hu Jintao be removed like a demented man from his side... A cold and calculating man.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

What a friendly smile.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

A third term under Jinping cementing the demise of China and it's society. Breaking Party rules set to ensure no dictator would rule China.

Harsh control over society that Jinping insists on, will get even worse.

I expect Jinping to invade Taiwan sometime during this third term, plunging China, the whole region and the world into a turmoil that might not be survivable.

Very hard times ahead for China and it's people. I hope they awaken from the nightmare that is the CCP.

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this guy....I wish the pain he has caused millions to come back to him 10 fold! karma !

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On Saturday, Xi’s predecessor, 79-year-old Hu Jintao, abruptly left a meeting of the party Central Committee with an aide holding his arm.

Hu's sudden exit is meant to totally humiliate the previous leaderships represented by Hu. Their policies of 'openness and reform' is casted aside, replaced by Xi's policies of 'absolute security' and 'stability'.

Hu's being led away in the most public humiliating way is just symbolic of how Xi views the previous policies, even though these policies gave rise to China's wealth and global influence.

Anyone in the West still has the illusion that China is a good place to do business please wake up.

China is going the direction of North Korea, just a lot more dangerous.

9 ( +11 / -2 )

Decades ago Deng Xiao Ping established the 2 term rule, to avoid the one-man rule that made a complete mess of China. Leaders that followed created the economic powerhouse that China became. Xi steps in and reverts to one-man perpertual rule, packaging himself as Mao 2.0. I think we are witnessing the end of "China's Rise".

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Revisionist dinosaur who is holding back Chinese progress for his own personal gains and ego. Yet the majority of sheepish Chinese think he's some kind of great leader. Him, Putin, Trump, and Bolsonaro should be exiled to a deserted island.

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This is rather a good thing.

It is better for China to self-destruct under the stupidest dictator in their history than to become a halfway democratic and long-lasting country while maintaining its national power and bad mannered nature.

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And that's why Susan Shirk, Sinologist and former diplomat, says third terms are a bad idea. Too many yes men, too much accumulated power in one man. Two terms for Xi could have been barely tolerable. A third term is just inviting more problems.

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There is an anti-Xi "Toilet Revolution" brewing in China. The name itself is a parody of of the name of Xi Jinpings nationwide effort to improve bathroom conditions. Bathroom stalls are about the only place in China not subject to video surveillance by the government, and now suddenly you find people posting the same words that appeared on a banner along Beijing's Sitong Bridge on bathroom walls.

"We want to eat, not do coronavirus tests; reform, not the Cultural Revolution. We want freedom, not lockdowns; elections, not rulers. We want dignity, not lies. Be citizens, not enslaved people,"

The locations of the posts are shared within China using western social media viewed in China using VPNs

There is tremendous anger and frustration in China. Something is going to happen. Xi may think he is the most clever and powerful man in China but he overestimates what he can do. An old Chinese saying is that one spark can ignite a prairie fire. I think we will soon enough see Xi Jinping facing the considerable wrath of the Chinese people. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

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Excellent, now China more powerful than ever, very good for Lord Xi..

Go China, new world order coming !!..

Corrupt, murderous, despotic, autocratic, evil.

That's "President" Xi.

"Fascist China, fascist China"..

A box of tissues for this table please!!.. lol !!..

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

Communism is set to become a much bigger force on the geopolitical stage.

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