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Hungary and China sign strategic cooperation agreement during visit by Chinese President Xi


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Well done..

Being with China is being on the winners side..

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Dictators ‘R’ U.S.

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Sorry . . . Us

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China has always been one of the most peaceful countries in the world. If they improve their human right affairs and free speech, China can be a great country. Other countries should improve their friendship and trade with China. Hungary is setting a good example.

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JohnToday 09:43 am JST

China has always been one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

I don't think you get credit for being peaceful when you build up the largest navy in the world and look the other way on the genocide in Ukraine.

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I am not surprised at all.

Slovakia,Serbia next.

this is how multipolar world looks and works.

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Give it time, it'll all comes to fruition, like Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru ... ie for the CCP, but chaos and massive debt for the people. Or put it another, give one, just one example of Chinese relationship with a country that has lifted its prospect over time.

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How long before everyone is forced to learn Mandarin? China is trying to become a modern colonial power. Hungary's far right leaders seem to prefer being told how to behave. China will certainly provide that guidance.

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