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China's Xi to visit North Korea this week ahead of G20

By Eva Xiao and Sebastien Berger

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Cool and Kim will have a great laugh about how they both play Donny like Jimmy Page plays a guitar.

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The timing is likely to raise eyebrows at the White House

with some, but probably not Trump who'll be too busy playing golf at one of his properties (on the US taxpayers' dollars) and tweeting celebrities. One thing that might get Trump involved is the Trump family businesses being offered even more trademarks in NE Asia.

China's using its influence in North Korea and partnering with Russia, whose state controlled oil and gas industries are planning a pipeline down the Korean Peninsula, which will give the Kim regime - started by Stalin - greater power and wealth.

It would be nice to think this could help the North Korean economy and its people, but given the histories of China, Russia and North Korea and how each has butchered its own people, that may be a pipe dream.

The US being led by a corrupt, bumbling oaf like Trump is the best thing that's happened to modern China and Russia.

No wonder there's been so much 'meddling' in US elections.

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As a full time personal, private institutional technical intrinsic value-based trader as well as a macro fundamental investor who trades/invests my own money of 8-9 figure USD voluminous transactions through FOREX spot & futures, options, bonds, stock indexes, ETFs, commodities, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and real estate, I've been monitoring closely the nature of the Noko-China-America geopolitical chess match. Considering all the present position of all the players involved, this visit calls for a very interesting development.


High probability this visit by Chairman Xi is the easy to foretell face saving modus operandi.

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The last 2 1/2 years or so Trump has been actively engaging on 2 affiliated objectives:

Number one, which the small picture-minded Free-For-Loss Presstitutes Yellowstream Enemedia including FOX (most but not all) cannot comprehend the bigger picture at play, which is eliminating the menace posed by NoKo by dissociating China's ability to exert the proxy province as a weapon. Simply China uses Kim as a hostage.

NoKo has always been the proxy province of China for decades due to the Red Dragon financial/economic influence. Kim is not fully or even far to say not in control at all as the mainstream view suggest but instead Chinese agents within Un's administration is still running the show especially in the military ranks and other higher ranking officials.

Kim is more a symbol per se rather than an actual supreme leader with an iron grip who makes all the ultimate decisions. Where do you think NoKo's cash strap country' funds come from. Of course CCP is the financial backer throughout the years.

Number two - dismantle the increasing economic leverage of the Red Dragon (China/CCP).

Those two issues above directly is correlated within the grounds of NatSec (national security). Both of the matters are being move in on by Trump through economic influential leverage in order to achieve national security eventuality.

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Cool and Kim will have a great laugh about how they both play Donny like Jimmy Page plays a guitar.

Lessee... full sanctions still on N Korea... tariffs on China with no end in sight... yeah, Donny's been played like Jimmy Page plays a guitar all right! hahahahahahahahaha

Xi is cool, eh? hahahahahahahahaha

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There is unceasingly a good chance for President Xi to be in dragon mode (the authoritarian nature version) at first when he visits Chairman Kim face-2-face. In dragon mode, Xi is finding a way to weaponize NoKo regardless of the promising affair among Trump and KJU (the hostage). Nonetheless, the Red Dragon's manner and aspect is attenuated by the unbarred media implications that the dialogue are focused exclusively on denuclearization. Therefore this adds more weight on the second probability.

The 2nd probability with higher degree of consummation due to more optimistic feasibility, is where Red Dragon VS Eagle economic battle reaches a boiling point where President Xi in now facing insuccess and making an effort to preserve one's dignity, and yield a favorable economic consequence, by letting go of his hostage (Kim). This would an incogitable, relatively inexplicable, come away with Trump; and a stupefying palpable attestation that roughly 2 1/2 years long subtlety flavored blueprint has NOT been so ineffectually ineffective.

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I began monitoring this development sometime in 2017 where I perceived ethereally the indications Trump was veritably laboring to generate a causatum of hostage unbinding. And in the months that I've schlepp along with situation, numerous vastly-nuanced strategic and tactical indicators Trump was executing all along. With high probability, President Xi visit to DPRK before heading out to the G20 has all the prognostications that could very well be the culmination; conclusion that Trump has aforethought.

Basically the game plan is this:

Kim is controlled in non-obvious manner by CCP through instilling Chinese agents within the military ranks and high ranking officials because of the Red Dragon's financial/economic influence. Trumps needs to beat China on economic affairs. When Red Dragon loses the battle, it will save face by giving up NoKo's nuclear weapons to be able to get a better economic/trade deal.

NoKo's nuclear weapons cannot be defeated by confronting Kim's nukes but it can be actually be beaten by China giving them up instead, due to the fact that Red Dragon's economic survival is relying up on it. Chairman Xi then saves face in embarrassment by arranging the actual defeat at the feet of KJU.

Other small-pictured viewpoint, smoke and mirror distractions are just inequitable elements of chaff and countermeasures.

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Still America must proceed with caution because after all, Trump is playing Chinese style zero-sum geopolitic undertaking. Chinese regime, historically is also pretty good and using stall and deceiving maneuvers to achieve dominance. Nevertheless, Trump also has exhibited awareness level enough to detect nuancely what lies underneath the friendly but duplicitous panda mask.

With that mentioned, it's significant to observe heedfully to watch the G20 details as well as to see if Trump and Chairman Xi will actually get together. Chinese media has stated that SK Pres. Moon Jae-in and Chairman Xi are supposed to get together for a face2face meeting at the summit. This gathering will give a good subtle hint on the issue of KJU hostage release situation Chairman Xi will to tread carefully on face saving approach.

A method for Chairman Xi to circumvent the appearance of giving in to Trump, is for CCP to give the victory at the hands of South Korean leader Pres. Moon rather than to Trump. With high probability, guaranteed that if indeed Chairman Xi is giving up his hostage KJU, Beijing will position themselves as considerate, charitable panda while at the same time making SK's president as the beneficiary.

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In the event of KJU getting release from CCP's grips, with probability, I will not be expecting for Trump to regress from the imposing geopolitical leverage he's developed in connection to the current economic/trade standoff. It will not happen so easily in China's favor. The deal is a bit more complicated than that in the larger scheme dynamics.

If you observe closely, Trump whether you like/hate his Twitter messages, has been transparently, albeit embedded coded messages, stating to the global community that NoKo is a threat no more. The real tributary purpose to those coded messages is to desensitize the value of Chairman Xi surrendering his hostage. Fundamentally, Trump has been telling China, it's a clean sweep already attained, so magnanimous Red Dragon is not supplying Trump any thing at all of quantitative value.

As I stated earlier about the 2 affiliated objectives where one is to severe the Red Dragon's ability to freely use NoKo as weaponized proxy province representing CCP's interests. Remove this particular threat and it will generate a major blow. Number 2 is to initiate the deconstruction phase of the increasing China economic/financial influence. You see with number one off the check list, Trump will no doubt no holds barred execute the second objective unapologetically. Trump has been touting for the fundamental of revitalizing US wealth for the past 3 decades. So there is no reason for the economic squeeze play to backtrack until China is overcome.

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