China accuses Canada of meddling over Hong Kong law


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China is being disingenious complaining about "meddling" when they've gone and trampled on and broken the promises when Hong Kong was returned to them.Everything about their system of governance is a lie.All they offer is cheap products,but have no respect or credibility worldwide.

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For a country that builds islands in disputed territorial waters they're not in a position to talk about meddling in other countries affairs.ut

And agreed with above. They have zero credibility on the world stage now (but it's not like the CCP cares...) and aren't taking steps to amend this.

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Anytime a country brings attention to China's hypocrisy; China calls it meddling! Simply, they can not arrest them for trumped up charges.

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Canada did not meddle but "reacted" to what China itself did.

This is a totally misguided perspective and rhetoric to misinform. Those who are "aware" and have the abiilty to discern facts from fiction should be able to read between the lines.

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"Some Western countries including Canada have been meddling in Hong Kong affairs under the pretext of human rights, which seriously violates international law and basic norms of international relations," the statement said, adding that such efforts were "doomed to fail."

Theres a hypocritical statemry, if ever there was one!

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Oh who cares what China accuses who of! After all they’ve done no one can possibly take them seriously anymore

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China must be taken seriously if only for one reason; they are actually doing things (acting). They have and will affect us all whether we like it or not, whether we want to recognize it or not.

Without the so called globalization, the world from the very beginning was a "globe" called earth and is only "one" planet. It has always been a world of one. The oceans are filled with waste from thousands of years ago from all over the globe circulated and mixed a million times and the weather affects the entire globe. So does human actions today.

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China on Saturday accused Canada of meddling after Ottawa said it was suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong to protest a tough new national security law imposed there by Beijing.

Mr. Trudeau. You did the right thing.

This decision shows he has smarts. The Chinese will only do this immoral reprehensible behavior again if Prime Minister Trudeau gives in to their lack of humanity. Good for Prime Minister Trudeau.

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Stay strong Canada. With 300,000 Canadians living in HK, Canada has every right to speak up about issues concerning freedoms and human rights.

We all know the corrupt Hong Kong government hates freedom, and are just puppets of the Communists.

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Imagine China interfering with Canada politics!

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China, the breaker of promises. Broken treaty with UK

China the untrustworthy. China was trusted to maintain one country, two systems but refused to.

China the bully. Forces others to do its bidding and punishes those who do not.

China the thief. Steals international waters and airspace and militarizes them, blaming others for stirring up trouble.

Why anyone would want to do business with such a nation is beyond reason. Time to reopen diplomatic relations with Taiwan and close them with China.

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You seem to be confusing morality and decency with trade and diplomacy. They don’t mix....

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Time for me to harp again, sorry!

Another PRIME example of why the rest of the world MUST stop feeding the Chinese govt MONSTER!! They get uglier by the day.

Western corporate greed, needs to end with respect to China & other despotic regimes, investments need to STOP, current investments dismantled & moved elsewhere, more many reasons.

China is clearly on the path for confrontation, its already been happening for 30yrs now & looks set to get much worse.

Pay now or we pay a LOT more later!! Its THAT simple!

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You seem to be confusing morality and decency with trade and diplomacy. They don’t mix....

When the CCP are involved they are all the same. They must have control over EVERYTHING.

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And we need to help the people of Hong Kong, sadly it looks like Hong Kong is toast, next on the list will Taiwan sadly, UNLESS we all start doing something, stand up for whats right instead of whats profitable!

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Pot calling the kettle black

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Never fails to disappoint. Fascist China needs to be stopped. Taiwan needs to declare sovereignty before they get swallowed up.

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I wonder if Justin Trudeau still admires China's "basic dictatorship."

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Maybe china needs to stop "interfering" in Canada's affairs.

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China is just pulling a Trump and trying to reframe the conversation in a way that doesn’t focus on their unreasonable actions. Gaslighting 101.

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