China accuses New Zealand of 'misguided' accusations


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It's almost as if NZ is acting like an independent state standing up for its values.

China cannot have that. The Vassal State must up its tribute.

China can pound sand.

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Confucius say, man who throws dirt is losing ground.

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everybody's spouting the "rules-based order" line lately.... presumably because they are convinced that China is about to re-arrange 'Western' rules.... and that there isn't a lot they can do about it because China is playing by its own rules.....

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diagonalslipToday  03:45 pm JST

everybody's spouting the "rules-based order" line lately.... presumably because they are convinced that China is about to re-arrange 'Western' rules.... and that there isn't a lot they can do about it because China is playing by its own rules.....

China isn't trying to re-arrange Western rules, they are trying to re-arrange International rules. With the goal of instututing not "Eastern" or "Asian" rules, but uniquely Chinese rules.

China is one who needs to "correct" their thinking.

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Old Chinese saying “ woman with skirt up runs faster than man with pants down” think New Zealand will be OK. Chinese attack verbally everyone but pants down they haven’t actually done or are capable of doing much.

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China accuses New Zealand of 'misguided' accusations

It was only a matter of time, I suppose. NZ is learning that NO ONE is China's friend. No one.

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Everybody better get their act together on how to deal with this aggressive and arrogant power.

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Everybody better get their act together on how to deal with this agressive and arrogant power

Are you referring to the USA and NATO ?

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there isn't a lot they can do about it because China is playing by its own rules.....

Actually, China has been a massive free-rider on the rules-based order created by "the West" in the post WWII era. From free trade, to the law of the sea, access to markets and technology - you name it, China has benefitted from it. And in return we got inexpensive low value-added goods. Yippe.....

Now that China has run that pony to death and wants to move up, it has decided that the rules-based order does not benefit it so it won't play by the rules.

UN Ruling against it's made up islands in the S. China sea? Meh

Human Rights for ethnic minorities (or Han for that matter)? I am sorry, what did you say?

Intellectual property theft and property rights? Don't you know that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?

I agree with the above posters: It is time for a coordinated multi-national strategy (The Quad is a good place to start and I know this because it drives the CCP batty) involving mutual defense, trade, freedom of navigation support and intellectual property defense.

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Unfortunately NZ is just now learning what others have learned to their cost, being overly reliant on one dictatorship for your trade leaves you at their mercy, and they have none. Hopefully like Taiwan and South Korea they can diversify away from China and reduce their control.

We will have to see if large fleets of Chinese trawlers manned by armed personnel turn up in NZ’s EEZ. Hopefully not as they have little capacity to do much about them.

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Well, on one side New Zealand make accusations that will make difficult the relationship with China, on the other side China is completely guilty of those accusations, so if anybody is guilty of something it is not New Zealand.

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Oh boo hoo get Xi the Pooh a tissue for his issues. What a pansy.

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Xi is just doing the old authoritarian "state it the way we want it to look", because that's what they then put in their own media, and with no access to other media, the Chinese people get persuaded by his comments.

Some countries have a firewall. Some just have people who never partake of any media outside their own nation. Both are prone to extremism.

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Once you kow tow, you're expected to fall behind the CCP line always. Ardern of all people should know for having lectured Australia on how to kow tow to the CCP.

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Biden’s non-assertive stance and inactions in response to China’s expansion of its military dominance in the Pacific and southeast Asian waters indicate a concession of the Philippines and Taiwan to China while drawing the line in the sand for “white” Australia and New Zealand. That is comforting for the two latter countries but they become the new frontline along with Guam and Hawaii. However, is Biden’s support for Australia and New Zealand limited to Ukrainian type assistance in the form of materiel and financial aid as to not engage China directly?

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The CCP gets hurt feelings way to easily. Too bad they won't allow their citizens access to the truth of most things, so the smart Chinese people can decide for themselves what lies they've been told by their govt and what lies are told by others.

For a list of China's friendly countries (i.e. countries that have far too much dependency on China), look no further than the UN list of countries who voted against "the responsibility to protect and the prevention of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity" - that's UN item 135 - A/75/L.82 - any web search will find it. The usual suspects are in that list.

Ref: Https://

I have to ask, how can any Chinese citizen thing that allowing genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity is good? I'd be embarrassed (loss of face) if my govt stood for those things.

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@kyo wa …

First and foremost, the countries of the pacific region, including the USA.

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Like an addict that refuses to acknowledge their dependence, China does not accept when others point out it's increased belligerence and ignoring of international rules. New Zealand has an opinion and they are within their rights to state opinions publicly.

It is the second time in a month that China has taken issue with comments by Ardern.

In early June, the New Zealand leader and U.S. President Joe Biden issued a joint statement expressing concern over the possibility of China establishing "a persistent military presence in the Pacific".

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian accused the two leaders at the time of trying to "deliberately hype up" China's internal issues

Very worrying that China considers the Pacific to be "China's internal issues". Clearly it is not internal but international. This may signal China's future intention to claim sovereignty over the pacific and its islands. I would suggest Pacific nations ban any further intake of Chinese citizens or granting citizenship to Chinese nationals. They will only encourage China to claim ownership based on how many Chinese ethnics live there.

China and Russia are the major threats to world peace and stability and that danger is steadily increasing. The world needs to beware and work together to maintain peace.

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