China accuses U.S. of meddling after Obama-Dalai Lama meeting


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It's like no one in China has ever traveled overseas, and none of them understand just how they look on the world stage when they act like this.

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Haha, China this china that, like a child losing control, accuse and blame everyone for everything that happens, well china The rest of the World accuses you of being a belligerent cry baby.

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Speaking with someone, no matter who they are is simply our right; this may bother China but it is not their right to tell an American who they can interact with.

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So Obama gave the Dalai Lama a full hour. Fine and good, but that is probably more than he has given the past 5 or 6 Japanese prime ministers all together.

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Increase the peace!

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China tells American President who he cannot meet in America, and tells Japanese PM where he cannot go in Japan.

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" BNlightened at Feb. 22, 2014 - 01:33PM JST "I am not only a socialist but also a bit leftist, a communist. In terms of social economy theory, I am a Marxist. I think I am farther to the left than the Chinese leaders. [Bursts out laughing.] They are capitalists." -Dalai Lama, 2013 interview. Given this sentiment, it would be only natural for the Saul Alinski-ite Barack Obama to throw his "strong support" behind the actions of a fellow traveler!"

Is china jealous of the competition?

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As if telling the POTUS who he can or can not meet in his own country isn't "meddling" in U.S. internal affairs.

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Obama just keeps doing it and ignores all the noises from people who worship Mao and money...then more leaders will do the same, eventually all the "noises" will disappear.

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China continues to oppress the Tibetan people,China rules only by using brute force!! There will come a time when even the Chineese people will rise and revolt to have more freedom and say in their future.Should China want to punish us then we need to be prepared to go without underwear for they manufacture most of the World's clothing.China's rulers keep threatening countries that don't support their every wishes and that's not how democracy functions!!

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It'll take China ceturies to win a respect in the global community, if ever.

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Oh! Shut up your mouth! Mind you own business.

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It is in their blood, old and dirty american habit....that's how they rule the will happen even in Japan....old habit die hard

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Beijing MYOB. Here is my middle finger for ya Beijing!!

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It's like no one in China has ever traveled overseas, and none of them understand just how they look on the world stage when they act like this.

The US actually interfere everywhere around the world, and they don't understand just how they look on the world stage when they act like this.

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Maby countries in World, and many people of USA are expressing Pentagon, MYOB, Returning to article. Tbet people must be glad USA did not fprgot them. Hope it is not a false hope.

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Communist China tries to play an ugly China's game beyond its border and forgetting eaten up to its own words of " internal matter". Hopefully Tibet will see the daylight beyond present cultural genocide by the Chinese. Dalai lama should be given a chance to speak at the U.N. general assembly.

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“Tibetan issues fall purely into the domestic affairs of China,” Zhang said. “The US has no right to interfere.”

Hypocritical considering the fact China loves to get off on interfering in domestic affairs of its neighbours, whether it's a new defence policy or a simple editorial in a newspaper.

“China expressed strong indignation and firm opposition” to the “erroneous acts” of the U.S. in interfering in China’s internal issues

An 'Erroneous Act' would be the invasion of an area whose ethnicity is vehemently opposed to your rule, occupying it with brute force and repression while committing acts that amount to cultural genocide, forced demographic transitions and even ethnic cleansing.

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The ministry statement identified the US official by a Chinese name, but the official Xinhua news agency in an English-language report gave his name as Daniel Kritenbrink

The name is bogus as translated to Daniel (and) Kriten (Kristen) Brink. LOL

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West leaders had a template that Chinese must be a bully and the other side must be victim.

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