China accuses U.S. of militarizing South China Sea


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Ah right....the country that built an island to house a military base and airfield telling the US that IT is militarizing the region?

This HAS to be an article directed towards the Chinese people themselves, anyone with half a brain knows China is just as if not MORE guilty!

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Yeah..... no... just no.

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Is this the comedy section? Because this is farcical.

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A bully never takes responsibility.

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The Chinese park surface to air missiles on artificial islands & they worried about the US freely navigating the seas and international airspace?

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China seems much more militarizing there and not welcome for neighbors.

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"This HAS to be an article directed towards the Chinese people themselves..."

No doubt, because the rest of the world has to be rolling their eyes when they hear statements such as this. You have to realize that the Chinese government will always use the past history of China to defend itself against outsiders they portray as seeking to hold back the country's progress.

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China on Friday accused the U.S. of militarizing the South China Sea

Do they even knw what militarizing means? Defensive patrols in response to North Korea's instability and China's aggressive expansionism is not militarizing. Building artificial islands with military airstrips, and installing missile batteries on contested islands, now that is militarizing.

This just sounds like propaganda by the Global Times; an attempt to paint the US as an evil country that threatens peace-loving China. Maybe the USAF should fly a squadron of B52s over Woody Island and show China what a real threat looks like, because that's only a part of what they're going to be facing if they keep militarizing the SCS and bullying their neighbours.

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Just need to look at all the US bases around the world and the amount of military spending and even a child can conclude that America has militarized the globe, not just the South China Sea.

-5 ( +8 / -13 )

that America has militarized the globe,

So true. Before the US bases, all was nothing but happy chocolate, where people resolved there own differences with competition Scrabble.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

Seriously China?! "China on Friday accused the U.S. of militarizing the South China Sea" they created fake islands so that no one would bother them but yet they still do their incursions with flights over other countries trying to provoke them. No one cares anymore!

2 ( +7 / -5 )

The soviets were experts at displacing guilt, in their minds, of yesteryear.

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China is a bit cheeky.

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Typical nonsense from the Chinese dictatorship. The sooner these tyrants are gone the better off the Chinese people and the rest of the world will be.

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China accuses U.S. of militarizing South China Sea

If that's the case, then why are all of the Asian countries running to the U.S. for help?

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China on Friday accused the U.S. of militarizing the South China Sea, just days after it was revealed Beijing had deployed surface-to-air missiles on an island in the hotly disputed area.

Even children have more logic.

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I wonder if the Philippines will invite the US bases back. Left a bit of a hole the Chinese are now happily filling. It seems the Chinese don't care about the truth or honesty when dealing with others. First say everyone should not militarize the area and then do the opposite. Of course their own people under communism are used to contradictions and blatant lies. The rest of the world not so much (yet).

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They are a worry thats for sure.

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Like I have been saying for ages, China is a MONSTER, we in the west have helped greatly in creating this monster!!

Its time to stop & start reversing, China has now CLEARLY shown it is preparing for nasty business, we may well need to put this monster out of our collective misery! I just hope the Chinese people survive what their govt is setting them up for!!

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I get the sense the US is pretty much resigned to letting China have the pretty much the influence it wants in this region. We'll hear the odd condemnation and within a few years world leaders won't even bother mentioning human rights issues when face-to-face with the CCP ( this has already started ).

All the talk of putting 'China in its place' sounds cool but you may as well blow it out of your arse. As one commentator put it, China is now too big to fail.

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It's Monty Python-esque!

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Asia as Two Dear Leaders and the world has Two Super Powers, what's wrong?!

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PRC is scary..

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Aaaaaah; Yeah.

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This is precisely the reason Japan needs to stay strong in the region. China doesn't recognize anything else and ignores diplomatic appeals.

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