China air force says conducted "multiple" long-range missions this week


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Routine freedom of navigation flights in international air space.

At least that's what the US would call them.

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Quote: "Beijing is also worried about Taiwan, claimed by China as its own but run by a government China fears is intent on independence."

Er, isn't Taiwan an independent democratic state anyway?

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lets move on. taiwan is taiwan, hong kong is hong kong and crimea, yugoslavia...

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Er, isn't Taiwan an independent democratic state anyway?

One would hope so but China (the big one) doesn't see it that way. And in order to placate China (the big one), Taiwan does not have international recognition. Unfortunately.

All these sea and air drills; China, US, ROK etc etc are stirring up the kraken (or whatever the Eastern version is). Wish they'd ease off a bit.

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If USA and Japan will re-establish diplomatic relations with ROC, Taiwan ... then there is nothin China can do.

But both Washington and Tokyo are actually silent partners of Beijing as the PH have exposed so clearly just recently.

So next time we should not allow ourselves to be fooled by the greatest and strongest military of the whole world , Uncle Sam and Asia's finest Nippon!

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What do you recon maybe they are getting ready for a bombing run in the Philippine in Mindanao .

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So long as it's in international space, go right ahead

Just don't prevent someone else from doing the same

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Nice places to place surface to air batteries.

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