China arrests 90 Uighurs after bombs


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If some of those uighars feeling cheerful that China will stop assimilations of Xinjiang then they are totallly miserables. Half of the populations in Xinjiang were Han Chinese and alot more is coming.If those sabotages can bringing them a better life then keep goes on...the price to pay will be unimmaginable. Time will tell their fate after the Olympiccs and the debts will due.

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“If you are a Muslim, you are already a criminal suspect in the eyes of the Chinese,” he said.

I agree, those sabotages were the proof.

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Big Bullies like Russia beating up Geogia, China killing Tibetan Buddhist monks and Muslim Uighurs, Burma's Gen.Than Shwe's attacks on 3200 ethnic villages (driving millions into refugee camps in Thai), Sudan's Al-Bashire's troops destroying villages in Darfur killing millions etc.etc.etc. The world today is no diffrent from yesterday before the WWl and WWll. WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN TO LIVE IN PEACE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER'S DESIRES?

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Three more policemen have been killed. Those extremists are not helping the Uighurs' cause.

Perhaps China should just pull out of Xinjiang and Tibet. But the locals will have noone to blame when their infrastructure and economy goes down the tube. Perhaps Tibet can bring back the feudal serf system too.

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Big difference between the Tibetan protesters and Uigur muslims. The Tibetans want their historical homeland, the muslims want a Shariah country ... with the same medieval Arabic Shariah laws that govern every Sharia area in the world. Also, the Tibetans are not waging the Jihad with terrorist attacks.

So, lets go easy on mixing up two totally different issues here.

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arrested 90 people and were torturing some

So, where are all the so-called "human rights activists" regarding China's torturing of prisoners? There should be at least 50 posts by now. Oh yeah, it's not about the US.

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where are all the so-called "human rights activists"

muslim are not considering most of us as a non-muslim having a same human-right as them, so why would anyone want to shout for the right the muslim them self do not even believe in it?

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williB, excellent!

WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN TO LIVE IN PEACE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER'S DESIRES?" I think you were meaning WE instead of they. Anyway, we will learn to live in peace when we accept that there is no longer room in this modern world as religion, ethnicalities, and only one race of people exists - the human race. Get rid of religion, stop teaching history in one sided views, quit protecting national interests and start sharing.

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