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China backs down from requirement for Web filter


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I hope the postponement leads to an absolute cancellation of the requirement. It's great to see that finally with enough pressure China is able to back down. I hope more movements continue to pressure China so effectively to start doing the right thing in other situations.

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I hope more movements continue to pressure China so effectively to start doing the right thing in other situations.

I just wish companies wouldn't just think with their bottom lines and try to use their economic clout to shame China into doing the right thing. Instead you get Google (they of the "do no evil" fame) to roll over and actively enable Chinese suppression of dissent and "objectionable" material.

Though it's hard to claim moral superiority over China when some western countries (like Australia) are trying to do the exact same thing.

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Yeah, I guess it's difficult to get China to do the right thing when most of their detractors are just as guilty of similar infractions. In a perfect world...

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I'd be all for other people pressing my own country to do the right thing in most situations. I didn't mean to pick only on China but as it's the focus of this article...

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I think the biggest problem was the name - "Green Dam Youth Escort.” :-)

I quizzed my friends about it last week - no one came even close to guessing what it was. One person thought it was a guided tour for children at an eco-friendly dam.

Another thought it was a child prostitution ring at a place called "Green Dam."

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And I was enjoying all those Green Dam B**ch cartoons. The river crab emblem on the hat was priceless.

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Separately, a California company claimed Green Dam contained stolen programming code.

Gee I wonder if this had anything to do with it also?

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Since when has China given a dam (hehe) about intellectual property rights?

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