China bans songs by Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys


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China has taste.

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Foxie: "China has taste."

So it would seem. But seriously, how childish can the government get? Are they THAT insecure??

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Commie liberation

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I am Chinese and I love lady gaga very much, she is not as disgusting as those congresswomen in capitol hill!

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China, which regards Taiwan as part of its territory,

Recently I've been wondering what China doesn't see as part of its territory

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Just weird. I can't imagine what kind of mind comes up with the thought that these specific songs to be banned, then actually bans them. There are probably a lot of ass-backwards conversations that take place daily within the walls of the neanderthal communist party in China.

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she is not as disgusting as those congresswomen in capitol hill!

????? Are there congresswomen releasing songs now?

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China claiming Taiwan as part of its territory is akin to England claiming the US as part of its territory. The Taiwanese have been on the island for, what, 500 years or so? It's a separate country for sure.

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Send a song of Y.M.C.A with a dancing instruction!! That will do it.

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The official squeamishness over headline foreign performances was heightened when Iceland’s Bjork closed a 2008 Shanghai show by shouting “Tibet!” at the end of her song, “Declare Independence”.

Makes about as much sense as locking your wife up in the basement because she wants a divorce. And its about as mature too.

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It's like a race. The world has to try to turn China into a civilized nation before they reach peak power. Aircraft carriers and missiles in the hands of a responsible nation is workable. The same technology in the hands of people banning songs because they "harm the security of state culture" is troublesome. It's like children with guns.

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An act of the insecure. If their government truly was as great as they pretend it is, then it would easily survive songs that point out other alternatives. They're quaking in their boots over MUSIC?!? What a sad government they have!

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Wonder how many Chinese officials have pirated copies of Gaga's latest goo goo ?

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Lady who?

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Thats it, I'm moving to China.

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Every country has a right to do what they think is best for its own nation. China has too many people, the communist government does not want China to break up into smaller countries like the ex Soviet Union, and just imagine tiny countries in a former China with nuclear weapons? But, this music, I can not stand Lady Gaga, she is NO MADONNA but hey if others love her, fine by me. I think China should worry about other things, like the safety of their bullet trains, food, medicine etc..but who am I to tell the Chinese what to do??

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This is the same government that offered up slavish media coverage to Gaga's recent trip to Japan via its state-owned Xinhua website. If only the Party aparatchiks had released the results of their well-considered analysis in time! Who knows how many malleable minds are now plotting to break China up into a multitude of independent nuclear-armed states after pondering the lyric "That I'll die living just as free as my hair."

Not mentioned here, but the Tenacious D smash hit "The Government Totally Sucks" is also totally verboten.

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Wish japan could follow suit and ban all Johnny's bands and AKB48,8888888888833873404 or whatever.

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