China blames Philippines for stirring up trouble in dispute


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China blames Philippines for stirring up trouble in dispute

It's always somebody else's fault with these guys.

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China blames...

"Blame" is the key word. Sounds a toddler getting kicked out of the sandpit. Seriously.

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Nothing new about China's reaction to the international tribunal's decision. China said beforehand it would ignore the verdict if it went against it. But the tribunal's decision was the right one. China is "invading" into other nations' territory. Now that the court has handed down its verdict, the United Nations should look into this mess and determine if the Chinese structures and airstrips are really necessary. If not, then the U.N. should move in and remove those "dangerous" structures and return the islands to their original condition. Moreover, the surrounding nations should be allowed to resume normal fishing activities in the disputed waters.

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What a load of bull. The only country that is buying their garbage statements is China.

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“It is the Philippines that has created and stirred up the trouble,” Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said in introducing the paper.

What an imbecile.

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China has a population of 1.3 billion people. The last thing the Communist Party is going to do is lose the resources it needs to keep mouths feed and keep their economy going. Look forward to more claims (maybe Okinawa).

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Well said Bishop of Australia.

Of course Japan also recently lost the whaling case at The Hague, but had enough wiggle room to keep whaling. No change to their international image as a result.

China on the other hand has nothing at all to stand on, and they should be made to suffer by the global community if they continue to stir up trouble through cooling trade relations. China is slowing and they can't afford to sacrifice much for these selfish claims.

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For some reason, JT prevents me from posting this forbidden word, so I'll link to a Wikipedia article instead. If Chinese access to this forbidden word were ever... forbidden.. opinions might change quickly. At this stage in China's development, she should concentrate more on building friendships than on making enemies.

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China is rejecting the outcome of the case but they would turn about and endorese the case if they had won. This sounds like Beijing throwing its toys out of its ppram because it did not get what it wanted. And how on Earth can they "talk/discuss" the situation with the philipines when China has said it will not move from its position? That sounds like and is China speaking with forked tounge

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This is going to nasty and interesting over the following weeks...

No, it will for years. Many times, I think that the only way all countries will untie without border/religion is when there is a very serious threat that drives human close to extinction.

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China has increased it's power economically and militarily, and national pride multiple fold over the last couple of decades, but it's diplomatic finesse has remained autistic. It seems that the only way this big fat brat in the playground is going to learn how to play with others is if no one plays with him. Or gives him a bloody nose.

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It shows the bully communist China has no face among civilized nations in spitting out nonsense words to advance one own's selfishness. The nine dash china's map would be all over the map if it has its way, and that is beyond shame. China would benefits by stopping this bully and overly selfishness politics, and communist China will burn itself one day if continuing this path.

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here's hoping everyone in the region ignores China's claims like china ignored the ruling

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That policy paper is more so the "trash paper" (which the Chinese referred to the tribunal ruling as). Hopefully Mr. Duterte will stay the course with the original (correct) position of the Philippines and not be fooled by China's attempt at charming him. Congratulations to all law-abiding nations in the area re The Hague ruling.

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It's a wonder why not one national advisers of China is suggesting their government to relax and simply just expose to the world that the judges of this particular court are either lazy or just plain unqualified for their job.

After 3 long years of hearing it's a wonder why not one of them ever visited even just one of the disputed islands, reefs or rocks! They are therefore just virtual armchair judges given absolute powers !

This fact was exposed so clearly when they claimed that Taiping island aka Itu Aba is just a mere rock in contrast to Okinotorishima which is an island!

This gross misinformation is enought to nullify their verdict .

Nowadays , just simply googling any island or rocks would instantly give one not only the information but also the picture!

Therefore, these judges are either again maybe just plain lazy , not serious about their jobs , not qualified or a telltale sign of a more sinister evidence of being influenced by a powerful hand that forced them to make an already branded decision.

Therefore , China should tirelessly check the backgrounds of all them judges and initiate to make their handicraft null and void due to their gross negligence in declaring Taiping island is just a rock!

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"I think they're basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years."

Jack Cafferty (CNN - 2008)

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I blamed the person who gave the name South China Sea and East China Sea. I think UN need to change and drop China from the Sea's name. Communist Chinese Government is like a child.

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"While the findings cannot reverse China’s actions, it still constitutes a rebuke, carrying with it the force of the international community’s opinion. "

Honestly how can the PCA judges aka Tainted Jurors ever make an honest unbiased verdict, especially with regard to the Nine Dash Line? In the US, tainted potential jurors are booted out from the jury pool. Here, the PCA judges are bombarded for about three years of news, soundbites against China, so how can they ever make an unbiased opinion? They should have recuse themselves or not take on the Nine Dash Line case, just like they removed about half of PH lawsuits against China. They still cannot explain the legal basis for taking up the Nine Dash Line dispute especially since other actors like Malaysia, VN are not part of the lawsuit, making their verdict very lightweight indeed, deserving to be ignored by China.

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Lol. "Tainted jurors". Please explain more. I think you'll find the people who sat on the panel were some of the most respected in the field... this is why China is so upset... people who can't be led and who know what they are talking about disagree with them and it hurts.

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@Fre Okin, you can keep spinning those wheels in the mud all you want, but the rest of the world ain't buying into your bubble. Can't change history around the world, especially when other countries have historical documents as well. Besides, China belongs to Mongolia :p... whoops, is that too far back in ancient history for China? It's not convenient but it's true :p.

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China's leaders should know that the Philippines is not your enemy.

The Filipinos are the most hospitable , generous and easy to talk to people in the whole world!

They are friendly even to a fault so you are facing the wrong tree.

If you treat the Philippines fairly then you will have a great friend and ally even in your most difficult times.

But Beijing must beware of Japan that is angling for a fight with their Uncle Sam -san in tow.

If China continues to be blind to this fact then Japanese forces will one day enter a new Manchuria again !

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