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China blames separatists for knife attack; 33 dead, 143 wounded


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This is madness. I have no other word to describe it.

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China has been pushing the Muslim minorities off of THEIR OWN native land for years, trying to force the Muslim Uighurs to be 2nd or 3rd class citizens in their own native lands, so?? Surprise?? No, no surprise here, screw with people long enough and KARMA will come back to haunt you!! Do I feel sorry for the innocent Han Chinese?? Yes I do, but plenty of Muslims have been killed etc...there in the Uighur area by HAN CHINESE too, does that make it to the Chinese news?? NO!!

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Uighur separatists always make serious problems for Beijing.

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Look at it from the Uighur point of view, Beijing is always making problems for the Uighur Muslim population, so they are getting very sick and tired and they are crying out for help. Kind of like the Palestinians on the Gaza strip etc..but instead of Palestinians vs. Isrealis, it is Uighurs vs. Han Chinese.

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@Elbuda Mexicano

...it is Uighurs vs Han Chinese.

What are they going to gain by that brutal murder of chinese civilians ? Perhaps, a support of their movements for independence from rest of the World ?

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technosphere said: Uighur separatists always make serious problems for Beijing.

That's because the Han Chinese are always making "serious problems" for the Uighurs. As long as the Han Chinese continue to occupy East Turkestan, there are going to be casualties on both sides.

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elbuda mexic:

No, no surprise here, screw with people long enough and KARMA will come back to haunt you!!

Once again, your hate and bitterness to everything Chinese rears its ugly head again. How is this karma when INNOCENT people (which may have included children) were murdered? There could also have been ethnic Tibetans and muslims in that station too.

Please stop making these sick remarks just to get your point of view across. I have little love for the Chinese government, but I don't enjoy hearing about innocent people getting their throats cut. Do you ever feel sadness when you hear of Mexicans being decapitated or hung from bridges? Perhaps you'd like to spend more time trying to think of ways how your won country can solve its problems. Please stop it with the higher moral ground - the natives in Mexico weren't exactly treated nicely, were they? Perhaps Muslim terrorists are ok as long as they don't attack your country or USA.

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China, please solve your internal problem first then you can talk about Japan.

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"Beijing is always making problems for the Uighur Muslim population,"

Not really, The Uighurs have benefited from many years of affirmative action. The 1-child policy, for instance, is exempted for Uighurs They've had a sweet deal from Beijing.

The problem is that the Uighurs adhere to an intolerant, supremacist ideology (which is responsible for a majority of the strife taking place in the world today).

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i'll go against the majority of the sentiments here and say: RIP innocent victims.

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More than 10 assailants slashed scores of people with knives at a train station in southern China in what state media said Sunday was a terrorist assault by ethnic separatists from the far west

Is there actually any evidence of this? I'm not trying to doubt them, but to jump to a conclusion without evidence is sketchy at best. I personally get the feeling that these "separatists" have been blamed for crimes before. I get the feeling that they are a convenient scapegoat. Easier to pin the blame on separatists by stating the attack as a terrorist one. In truth, the only way to know the motive properly is to be one of the attackers. They can tell us the truth, sure, if they are inclined to. Interrogation and torture may not neccesarily lead to the truth, the suspects could end up just saying what the investigators want to hear. Even then, even if we learn the genuine motive, it doesn't mean we'll understand it. Understanding why something has happened is crucial to prevent it from happening again.

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@fox cloud lelean - i'm sure that had this happened in the u.s. or any western country, there won't be as much skepticism. seems like when this sort of thing takes place in china, people always give the benefit of a doubt to the attackers.

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China is great country but with the responsibility that comes along with being a BIG, GREAT COUNTRY?? Yes, you will have people who hate your government (as even millions and millions of your average Wangs and Changs, popular Han Chinese family names) this meaning even your average Han Chinese are not exactly satisfied with Beijing. Then you have Beijing messing around with not only Tibet (Buddhists) and also with the Uighurs (Muslims) but with anybody who may seem to pose a threat to the TOTAL POWER of Beijing, like the Falong Gong cult, etc...Sure Beijing says they "give special privilages" to minorities like the Uighurs and let them to have more than 1 baby, but?? THEY INVADE and FLOOD the UIGHUR area with Han Chinese and take over the jobs, schools etc...and try to push around the native Uighurs on their OWN LAND?? Sorry Beijing and Jeff Lee, but anybody with common sense will see this is the easiest way to make many problems. Keep pushing the Uighurs around and they will rather go down fighting than be SLAVES TO BEIJING. Is that too difficult to understand?? Even my Han Chinese friends tell me, what the heck are we doing in the Uighur region!! But they are afraid to say that in public with other Han Chinese around. (Why??)

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Its funny how the Chinese calls them separatists, instead of Chinese....

Pretty soon, Japan will be blamed for the attack...

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