China blocks Australian national broadcaster's website


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We welcome internet enterprises from all over the world to provide good information to the netizens of China," said the official, who declined to give his name, according to ABC

yea if that information conforms to the states draconian restrictions, try searching Tianiman square slaughter, Tibets loss of autonomy, Taiwans independence, the encroachment through false islands in the pacific. Theft of intellectual property, North Korea...Chinese people are blindfolded. It's not a mystery why they are unable to search anything from Winny the poo to mass detentions in falsely claimed territory.

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So many blocks here and there inside China, the govt. regime still in executive power to oppress...And how can China faces the world if there's no other information for what people's need, if the media stream is right or wrong, fake or legitimated, who must chose is the people, not a portion of superintendents on the top to decide only one direction, they decide by themselves and ignores the most.

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Cricky, what a contrast between your first paragraph and the second one !

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It is getting time the rest of the world needs to consider doing the same to China, block their websites, block TV transmissions etc

The only thing I don't like about this is I KNOW it will lead to WAR! But China is SO SCARED of its own people that the govt feels this is the only way it can prevail OVER its own people!

Said it once, said it many times, China is a ticking bomb, implode, explode or BOTH only time will tell!

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Cricky, what a contrast between your first paragraph and the second one !

Yes, because the first is Chinese government propaganda, and the second is truth! Pretty simple really.

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This does nothing to promote confidence in the Chinese as responsible members of the world community. Australia, if it wanted too, would be fully justified in taking a leaf from the Chinese playbook by implementing tit for tat measures signaling to the now million-strong Chinese diaspora whose actions are overseen by a not inconsiderable number of assets that their days of free-ranging undermining of Western interests are at an end.

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A strong government of a strong country does not protect its own citizens from the truth.

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The internet could block China's websites

ABC said it had not been told what laws it had violated or which content sparked the ban.

Of course not, because there everything's done on a whim, not on rule of law

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The big problem is that Chinese view Australia too positively, and Australians see China extremely negative, both are very wrong.

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The day has to come eventually when other countries treat the CCP with the contempt it deserves. Cut them off diplomatically, ban Chinese ownership of land (China doesn't allow foreign ownership of land in China, so fair's fair). Throw up a few trade barriers, and they can keep the cheap, copied junk they produce. Despotic dictatorships eventually collapse but never before they've wreaked havoc.

The Chinese government has no moral or ethical standards for how they act towards people both inside China and overseas, so there are no good reasons for including them in anything. Problem is that most governments around the world are either too scared of offending them, or are quite happy to do a deal with the devil - Australia probably qualifies on both counts.

Occasionally someone nibbles back a bit, though - but not enough to hit where it really hurts. A few years ago the Chinese consul in Melbourne complained that a film critical of the CCP was being shown at a local film festival. He chucked a hissy fit, but to the state government's credit they politely told him to stick his protestations where they belong. Just wish more would do the same.

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Its time for an international Made in China ban. Enough is enough.

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Anyone had problems accessing live news on google recently? I have.

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"damage national pride" = hurt the feelings of the unelected dictator Xi.

China has long been executing prisoners to provide organs for transplant. They claim to have switched to a voluntary system but the number of transplants far exceeds the potential number of organs available from volunteers. The evil Chinese dictators are no better than the rulers of Nazi Germany.

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The Chinese government fears nothing so much as they fear the truth, or more accurately losing their monopoly on telling their subjects what the truth is, what it means, and how it should be applied in their lives. Or else.

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Never trust the Chinese government. Unfortunately they often have no problem with lying and cheating if it benefits China in some way.

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The big problem is that Chinese view Australia too positively

In what alternative universe?

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"Its time for an international Made in China ban. Enough is enough."

That would adversely affect Daiso and Apple.

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All of us, at least those with any intelligence, recognize the Chinese dictatorship as not just a yoke around the necks of the Chinese people, but a threat to other nations, the region and very possibly the world. There are countless ethnically Chinese people who absolutely abhor the CCP regime.

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ABC probably reported on the Uighers.

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Good, means the ABC is doing its job and reporting without influence. Wake me up the day that happens in Mainland China and a few other drachonian backwaters please.

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Censorship only helps those currently in power who are afraid the truth would have them removed.

Any place where you can't openly criticize the political leaders isn't a good place.

But the Chinese people know these things about their govt. They'd had the lies all their lives. They may not know the truth, but they are smart enough to know their govt controls what they see.

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"Its time for an international Made in China ban. Enough is enough."

That would adversely affect Daiso and Apple.

Let them relocate

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