China calls for compromise on N Korea talks


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Each time North Korea does something to upset everyone else, they get sanctioned, and so they close all dialogue......only to come walking back to the negotiation table and getting the sanctions overturned. This time they try to come back to the table - to get those sanctions overturned again coz it MUST be killing them - and they get re-buffed. Serves them right.....let them stew, and make them honour past commitments before letting them come to the table again......Just like a little child who has thrown a temper tantrum and told to leave the dinner table until they learn how to behave in a civilised way.

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The entire world should just declare that NKOrea is a Chinese province and China is completely responsible for it's behavior and upkeep.

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When the entire world has compromised with China (Tibet, human rights etc..) no reason why there can be no compromise over NK talks.

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Both US and japanw as 'unsincerely' to seek peace and non-nuclearizing the Korean peninsula...japan has always bringing irrelevant isse like the abduction issue to obstacle the negotiations!! And the Cheonan incident was just a 'daily issue' in the 38th parralle, what if China bringing up the South Korean navy killing a North Korean sailor in skirmish last november?? The Obama administartion was worst than the Bush, he just concerning his own 'polls' as he was being unpopular, tahts why he escalating the tensions in north east asia by conducting drills in yellow sea! Who is 'unresponsible'? Is obvious!!

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Martinli92 - the only party being irresponsible here is North Korea. It has always maintained a belligerent attitude everytime the rest of the world simply looks in their direction. You accuse the US/Sth Korean forces of escalating tensions by conducting drills in the yellow sea. Why do you think that is? It's because North Korea threatens war every other week!! Of course armies are going to prepare for war if a belligerant nation keeps talking war - especially after torpedoing and killing people. Seems currently the US and Sth Koreans are not letting North Korea go the usual path of causing an incident, threatening war, getting sanctioned, and then showing up to a meeting and dangling compliance and peace in everyones face to get the sanctions removed. Seems this time everyone is tired of North Korea's bullshit.

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@KakiOko. Why do you think that is? Now the Chinese navy north sea fleet and part of those air force units were put in high alert as their drills begin,if the US aircraft carrier entering the Yellow sea will put the capital within US navy fighter's radius. Now you are telling me not their 'faults' of escalating the tensions??? Thank God, today's Chinese leaders were weak spined intellectuals running the country otherwise you guys has kick stared WW3!

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So what you are telling me, Martinli92, is that when North Korea blows up a boat and kills 46 sailors, they are not escalating tensions in the area? And that when the US does a naval exercise in the area, then it's just asking for trouble? You are very deluded, my friend. BTW, I think Sth Korea and US should be applauded for holding back in their actions after the torpedoing...equal to the mature, professional, controlled holding of fire by the Chinese currently to the presence of these ships in the waters.....which according to you is due to "weak-spined intellectuals" and hence a negative. I guess knee-jerk reactions to perceived threats is seen as a positive in North's obviously run by spoiled children.

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