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China calls for new Asian security structure


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China's president called Tuesday for the creation of a new Asian structure for security cooperation based on a regional group that includes Russia and Iran and excludes the United States.

They should include the DPRK for a better pact.. It sounds amusing thought !

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Good luck with that.

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China, Russia, Iran, it's almost comical how much they seem to isolate themselves

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China, Russia, Iran, it's almost comical how much they seem to isolate themselves

not really since U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is also attending this summit.

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Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia

With China and Russia... sure guys.

"We should have zero tolerance for terrorism, separatism and extremism"

said Mr. Xi. Apparently with a straight face.

not really since U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is also attending this summit.

Are we supposed to laugh or are you serious? It is a joke, right?

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Kenny76 MAY. 21, 2014 - 03:30PM JST

They should include the DPRK for a better pact.. It sounds amusing thought !

DPRK or North Korea has already been included as observing member as Japan. At The third Summit of 2010, the forum also admitted Iraq and Vietnam as new members and adopted the CICA Convention. As DPRK and North Vietnam were close allies of PRC, North Korea will follow the foot step on Vietnam for becoming permanent member in the forum.


That forum is better than Asean meeting because Vietnam can raise the dissatisfaction of the host nation. Not directly to raise the issue with the host nation. All of other members are free to listen Vietnam concern. During the past Asean meeting Vietnam and Philippines tried to raise the issue of PRC unfairness, it was blocked by host nations such as Cambodia and Myanamar. PRC has more freedom than those nations for hearing the Voice of Vietnam.

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U.S. has forced this with its constant illegal, thieving, banksterism, financial manipulations in its own favour, its "Private", Secret membership, Feds money printing sprees, and downright dishonest business actions the world over. The U.S. has also mauled smaller countries and stolen their oil resources leaving behind ruinatious environmental destruction. U.S.A. once the pinnacle of industrial/military advances and a strong Middle Class to support their economy have sold out the stake of their working classes by investing the capital the middle class generated in foreign (China) countries . . .

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The CCP are out of their cotton-pickin' minds. What exactly have they ever done to win the respect and/or admiration of other nations and peoples? What have they ever contributed to the well of human knowledge or done for the benefit of humanity or international affairs? Zilch.

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Other members include U.S. allies such as Israel, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

Israel has been faithful disciple and die hard fan of US of the A. However it is no longer confident in US foreign policy and crisis management. For example US has little influence over Iran and Syria. Unlike US, PRC can change the mind of Iran or Syria with a few phone calls. It is what Israel is looking for managing her international affair.

CICA convention will replace any other fruitless and waste of time convention in the future. It is so promising for new members.


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China calls for new Asian security structure...

Fear not, China: it's being built with every aggressive land grab you initiate! Unfortunately, the New Asian Security Structure is going to be AGAINST, not with, the PRC.

The Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Japan, India, the US....the list of allies coming together to cooperate in opposition to your belligerence keeps growing, and growing...

All we need is for the unelected ignoramuses in Beijing to overreach and push everyone together into an anti-PRC Asian Treaty Organization, coupled with a virulently nationalistic and patriotic rejection of Chinese-made consumer goods, and the People's Glass House of China smashes into shards. After all, who else besides the Chinese actually desire China to achieve hegemony over Asia and its open seas? (Answer: NOBODY!)

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Bruce: U.S. has forced this

Actually China and Russia have forced this by lacking in the areas of alliance building with most of the world. They have no real steadfast allies unless they come from underdeveloped totalitarian regimes who need partners for trade and international protection. Because of this, they are forced to cling to each other despite their history of conflict and distrust. The fact is that they are the only two countries would would have each other as partners.

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