China censors U.S. Embassy pollution data during APEC


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Once when in China I was told by a local that the central and local authorities can alter any official figures they please, except what day it is today.

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Freedom of information is alive and well in China, I see.

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Even interfering with a mere app, how shameless can ya get to put up a facade

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Fits nicely into the CCP's grand scheme together with their smear campaigns about Obama and Abe in the Global Times.

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The righteous and honourable Chinese govt hard at work again , they are such a joke, why doesn't the world just close the door on them altogether until they start being responsible and a little more human.

Disgusting what this place does and gets away with.

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"While the city government provides its own air pollution data, a separate reading by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing is widely considered more reliable."

Why is that?

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Oh the CCP is at it again. This is the major reason I never ever want to visit China. One of my co-workers took a trip there with his wife (for vacation) and as I predicted he came back with a cough and some breathing issues for a week or two.

Instead of denying it, they need to fix it.

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I urgently Ask Xi and the CCP to do more to enchance regional and international trust of China. Hiding the truth will do you no good. Your actions only enchance mistrust in the CCP and o lf China.

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Authorities have ordered one of China’s most popular air pollution-reporting apps to remove data

Heh, Obama must be so jealous.

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