China could eventually co-exist with COVID, says top scientist


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Not any time this year would be my guess.

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since zero tolerance seems not to have worked, anywhere, I think China, and everywhere else, have no choice....

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At this point this is the only realistic approach, the amount of effort and resources that would be necessary to enforce a zero tolerance policty is not cost effective and reduction of risk to background levels (or as close as it can be done) is a much more efficient strategy.

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human coexist with viruses for thousand of years .

another way to explain you that people have been deceived by propaganda for 2 years

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Well they did create it and leak it from their lab so I would assume they would learn to live with it.

Don’t say that too loud, the officially allowed version has suddenly switched back to the Wuhan market theory a few days ago. But anyway, it’s also fun to wait for their presentation of the mysterious missing link animals. lol

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China could eventually co-exist with COVID, says top scientist

Probably sooner than Japan at the current pace.

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lets face it this has happened for ever people coexist with viruses, for insistence there is the common cold. humans have coexisted with it for almost ever.

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Quarantining the healthy makes no sense for a virus that kills few.

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