China cracks down on instant messaging services


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China's constitution will collapse in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

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China the land of the not free and the not so brave, the land of the severely restricted, censored, supressed, bullied, corrupted and brain washed.

Way to go China, its all gonna come back n bite ya.

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What a country....

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Observers say authorities are wary of millions of Chinese with Internet access getting ideas that might threaten the Communist Party system.

This says it all.

What a country....


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The revolution will be tweeted. I can't wait to hear of the day when the Party gets sent packing. I hope they all die a horrible death.

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This tells you all you need to know about the PRC. They're afraid of their own citizens getting information that doesn't come from their vetted sources.

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Imagine a China without the current regime ... That I'd like to see! Poor people it must be so hard living under their cloud:/

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I hope all he China supporters on this forum get a good look at what kind of regime the CCP really is. And then ask themselves why are they supporting a fascist authoritarian regime that would not allow the freedoms they currently enjoy outside of China.

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As a person living inside China, I can guarantee first hand you need to use web proxies or a VPN in order to access seemingly normal sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, The Guardian to name but a few. What Westerners take for granted is forbidden in China as knowledge is power and the CCP seeks to keep a dull, sheep like population only receiving a twisted side of a story. But to the CCP, heed this warning: when you oppress people long and brutal enough, expect them to rise up.

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"We will firmly fight against infiltration from hostile forces at home and abroad,"

Yes, God forbid, "hostile forces" from abroad will teach your people the truth.

... and how about you do something about your kids that are being brought up and taught how to hack random victims around the world!

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I have a hunch most of the "Chinese supporters" on this site don't really care less, whether it be concern for the poor people who live under these bozos (or monsters, pick one or pick both), or what China is in the process of doing in regards destabilising the East Asian region and possibly starting a war. They just don't like Japan.

(And they're pretty silent on this story so far...)

Generally sad, but occasionally amusing to read what they write. Clueless.

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So if knowing what is actually going on in the world is such a problem for Beijing, why do they let so many Chinese students study abroad?

My Chinese classmates in Japan and America have told me they learned more about China the first few months after leaving China than they did ever before.

So I guess the problem for Beijing is that those who are educated overseas bring back truth and new ideas. If those ideas aren't first vetted through their news propaganda machine, then they must be muted so that the citizens kept in the dark will stay in the dark.

Here's my understanding: You can go abroad and study and world famous universities, but when you get back to China, you better only use your education to further progress the communist party. Anything else you use your education for makes you an enemy of the state.

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Cracking down on the Internet will certainly boil over with people's tempers, but hoping for a revolution is not likely to happen anytime soon.

I just don't think the Chinese have the nerve like the Ukranians to take to the streets and die for what they believe in and that tells me that most Chinese are satisfied living under a communist government (or they're just cowards).

Besides, there are too many multinational corporations that have big investments inside China and they certainly will not let anything to change the "Status Quo" which feeding their economies.

I wouldn't even expect Washington to back a rebellion inside China based upon the economical impact of losing the Status Quo.

Its going to continue to be a sad reality until the Chinese People muster up the nerve and the belief that they will have to to start dieing for Change and Freedom.

It's not going to be graciously handed to them via Twitter, Facebook or Webo or whatever the hell they use over there...


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Where will this end? The Chinese government is becoming more restrictive and aggressive by the day.

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This is all in preparation for thwarting any sort of event memorializing the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. (June 4,1989)

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The Chinese Government are deadly and I mean (DEADLY) If anyone is caught they are either imprisoned or disappears. This is a fact!.

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This is just more Xi Jinping Mao-style crackdown.

This has been going on since he took power and is continuing his effort to tell the people they best stay inline or they will find themselves disappeared.

Xi Jinping wants to spread his Mao-Style into everyone's mind and hearts. If anyone doesn't stay inline, well they disappear.

Where have all the pro-Communist China posters gone?

This is starting to seem like an episode of the Twilight zone. But, in this episode all the paid posters have disappeared and all that is left are the folks who post on facts.

Intro the music Bob!

Wow, if only this would happen in China! Let's hope that the people will wake-up before Xi Jinping returns them to another miserable Mao-style era.

If you want to know what he and his fellow Communist are up to all you have to do is read Document Number 9.

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So can someone remind me why the world gave the Summer Olympics to China?

Did it have something to do with the promise of improving their human rights record and allowing for more freedom of expression?

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SpeedMay. 29, 2014 - 07:39AM JST So can someone remind me why the world gave the Summer Olympics to China?

Because Communist China promised the IOC that it would change it's Totalitarian/Authoritarian oppressive ways for the Olympics, but then reneged on just about every one of those promises.

In other words they told the world a giant porky and the World fell for it.

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