China criticizes U.S. as tensions rise in South Pacific


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Professional propagandist and Party gaslighter, Wang Wenbin, must be well-paid for his poker-faced performances. Only a comfortably numb psychopath without a mirror in his house could be capable of telling such lies with aplomb that he can almost convince himself of their veracity.

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I think some of the points he makes are fair

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China told the U.S. and everybody else to get out of their way so China can go on its merry way stealing islands from other countries and militarizing them against all of us and clogging up free and open air & waterways.

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The goal is not unattainable far as China is concerned " the goal " isn't going to happened.

There isn't any international order either.

USA wants to believe its the leader .

USA has so many problems domestically that it cant resolve.

USA is insecure about its hegemony getting dissolved.

Oh well .

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We live in multipolar world.

Guy on second shot have to get it either easy way or either hard way.

He needs to get reality right and understand real position of his country in this multipolar world.

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@kyo wa …

So you’re saying that China’s militarization and blockage of movement of travel and commerce in the South China Sea is a good thing? Is that right?

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The CCP lies about the US.

The US lies about the CCP.

Nothing improves.

The difficult part is telling when the US is telling the truth, since it does fairly often.

The easy part is telling when the CCP is lying, since it almost always does.

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Next week is June 4th. Remember?

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China should back off all areas of conflict so that business can take place, and everyone can get rich and happy. Unnecessary conflict doesn't improve anyone's lifestyle.

Current Chinese conflicts, minus a couple (the article is two years old) below.

Many of these are caused by China wanting to be somewhere it isn't. Note: saying things like "The USA (or pick your country) has been Chinese since ancient times" is not helpful.

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Simple question, what's the distance between Beijing and any of the places Washington is screaming about China 'having a presence' and the nearest place to that that the US 'has a presence' and Washington?

Then the distance between that place and somewhere the US has attacked since WW2, and the distance between that place and somewhere China has attacked since WW2.

That'll give you a pretty good idea of who and what is a threat to that place.

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