China denies subjecting U.S. diplomats to COVID-19 anal tests


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China’s CCP asserting dominance over everyone...

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A big wet fart while taking the sample would have been my retribution. One has to wonder why any diplomat would even allow themselves to be subject to such abuse? I would have said no and then let the people farther up the diplomatic food chain fight it out. There isn't a job out there that is so valuable that I'd let some shmuck shove a swab up my bung hole.

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Did the Chinese at least take them to dinner first?

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The Washington Post reported last week that some U.S. personnel had told the department they had been subjected to the anal tests.

Hmmm... Foreign service doesn’t seem as desirable a profession as it once did.

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Sounds like the diplomats were dealt a bum hand.

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We will not permit China to compromise our diplomatic rectal integrity.

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Get ready for the anal Olympics in China.

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