China doubles compensation to train crash victims


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Have all the missing been accounted for? Have the bodies been returned to the families?

Until the answer to both those is yes, increasing the bribe will only make things worse.

Plus the families are demanding answers. And the government wants to give them money instead? Might work if they were mostly rural farmers, but somehow I doubt that the new bullet train was loaded with them.

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I think the victims' families would rather hear the truth about what really happened in the accident than receive any compensation the government can give them.

IMO, it was China's rush to say that it "made a breakthrough in high-speed train technology" that caused this accident. Fact is, that China just pushed the original technology, from Japan and Germany, to an unsafe limit (over 350kph). Yes, Germany and Japan have done "experimental" train tests of over 400kph in the past, but I guess China doesn't understand the difference between "experimental speed limits" and "operational speed limits". Add that to the fact that building and testing this train system was a rush job and that the driver's training time was shortened; and you had the recipe for disaster.

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apart from taking the compensation, what else can the relatives do? sue the gov / train company?

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If literally burying the problem doesn't work just throw more money at it. Way to go China. It amazes me sometimes how obtuse and out-of-touch you can be despite everything else you have going for you.

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No Worry.... We will Surely pay more than China.. Chugoku Ni Makenai desu....

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With the massive populace in China -China needs a very good rail system. Fix the problems and run at 1/2 speed until you are 100% satisfied what you have is safe.

People always want to be the fastest -but that is not always what you need (is practical). In Japan it was rail always on time to the second -that has changed somewhat due to similar accidents. What is practical, needed should be the focus. What do the Chinese people want/need in rail?

The people are right and the engineering answers are needed to find out what went wrong in order to fix it. -I would not accept their apology $$$ until those conditions are met.

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