China eases travel restrictions for Europeans


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Everyone returning to China has to reapply for their visa, since travel documents issued before the pandemic have been nullified.

While I'm no fan of the Japanese system of locking out visa-holding residents in Japan, at least its not as bad as what they are doing to foreign residents in China...

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Stay away from China.

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Who'd want to go to China with the system it has in place? They could arrest you and hold you for no reason at all other than they felt like doing it.

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Anyone who willingly travels to Communist China - a Nazi-like police state where innocent people (including many foreigners) are arrested on bogus charges and disappear - is a fool. Furthermore, they are supporting the genocidal criminal Communist regime by visiting and doing business with them.

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China eases travel restrictions for Europeans

and Europeans laugh.

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Sounds like a joke, any European wants to go to China ??????? For god sake why? Thank you, better to stay in democratic country who respects basic human rights

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