In unprecedented act, China bars 2 HK lawmakers from office


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And there we have it. The CCP is doing what they've always done.

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The future of China will be of greatest important in the future of the mankind. If they really turn out to be oppressive and intend on conquering the rest of Asia into their system, I am afraid that the future is very dark. In that sense, every Asian must try to help these Hongkong people's effort. Safe and genuinely peaceful China is something we really can look forward to.

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The unelected Chinese dictators disbar the freely elected Hong Kong politicians, making a nonsense of the "one country, two systems" rhetoric.

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Sorry China, Hong Kong is just not that into you

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Hmm, let's see ... that is 1997 to 2016 ... that's 19 years and, well, they fought back with umbrellas a year or two ago but making them take an oath of loyalty now puts the Chinese masters right back on track in the 50-year period in which Hong Kong would be part of 'one country, two systems'.

The CCP are so scared of any region wanting to get too much autonomy, and Hong Kong was handed to them on a silver platter on the basis that they wait 50 years before they could really taste.

Irony is though that the British were leasing till 1997 only the New Territories down to the water, but the Island and the rest they 'possessed', rightly or wrongly, after the Opium Wars. In other words they did not have to leave on the terms they did.

Ah, Britain, such a decolonization litany of non-Commonwealth places: Iraq, Jordan, Iran, Israel, Egypt, ... Hong Kong.

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Two countries, one system. Or something.

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Free Hong Kong, Free Taiwan, Free Tibet, Free Uyghur

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Not really surprising as the independent governing of HK has been long gone. Then, the two are really stupid. You can sworn in as usual. Once you are in the office, you can do whatever you can inside. And, now, they do not even have the power to do anything. It is called strategy, play it like a war. Sometimes, you need to pull back in order to move forward.

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China suppressing democracy - no one is surprised by this.

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CliffyNov. 07, 2016 - 11:31PM JST

the two are really stupid. You can sworn in as usual. Once you are in the office, you can do whatever you can inside.

If they had taken the oath as written by China, they would have been hampered by that oath. Any thing done against what China wanted, would have been seen as breaking their oath. Then they would have been charged with breaking their oath and ended up in prison.

That is why they changed the way they said their oath.

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These two idiots did themselves no favours by swearing and using the term 'Shina' in their oaths. As much as I would like to see more freedom for HK, nobody is going to come to their assistance, least of all Britain, if Beijing comes down on them like a tonne of bricks. I can understand the desire for freedom, but waving the old colonial flag is embarrassing. I didn't see any elections before 1997.


Free Hong Kong, Free Taiwan, Free Tibet, Free Uyghur

Get real. Taiwan is independent for all intent purposes. And I've come across plenty of Taiwanese who actually regard Tibet and Xinjiang as more of an integral part of China than Taiwan.

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"One country, whatever system suits us as we go along."


Taiwan already is free; it has never been part of PRC.

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@AzzprinNOV. 08, 2016 - 12:40AM JST

So what it they break the oath, so what. At least by that time they will be from in the inside. Now, they are nothing more than flies . Once you are insides, exploit and use the systems... There will always be loop-hole.

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The dreaming of independent Hong Kong Nation was like a building house in the air. The dream will never come true. Communist Chinese Government will not excuse to anyone who wants Hong Kong independent from mainland China.

Taiwan and Hong Kong are difference situation and condition. Taiwan was well established state under Japanese colony rule when Kuomintang fled to Taiwan from mainland China. Taiwan was more Japanese than Chinese that time. Taiwanese peoples wear Japanese Kimono and they marry in Japanese style. They speak Japanese language. One of my friend Taiwanese families was settled on Taiwan over hundred years and they speak Japanese and fujianese languages. His father was Japanese language teacher in school when Chiang Kai-shek and his Kumintang Army came to Taiwan. Chiang Kai-Shek and Kumintang ruled Taiwan as exile Chinese Government since then.

For Hong Kong, The British was taken over from Hong Kong after China lost Opium war. China had given 99 years lease to British. The British had only political freedom for Hong Kong peoples just before the British hand over Hong Kong to Communist Chinese Government as the British tradition. Colony British had always created problem for it former colony after they left as British wanted to take credit for peaceful and stability under Colony British rule. Independent Hong Kong is impossible and they should concentrate on more political freedom and seek guarantee for future freedom for Hong Kong peoples after “One country, two systems” policy was ended in 2047 from Chinese Government. The Hong Kong independent movement action will end Communist Chinese Government’s “One country, two systems” policy for Hong Kong.

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Li decried the duo as “traitors” and recounted Japanese World War II atrocities in Hong Kong in graphic detail, telling of nurses raped and bodies bayoneted and tossed into the Hong Kong harbor.

“I hope the people of Hong Kong won’t forget the history of Japanese invaders,” he said. “All the traitors who sell out the country never have good endings.”

What an idiotic only way yet to persuade HongKongers. What's the duo got to do with Imperial Japan.


Ask Tibetans and ask Uighurs ask Okinawans if you are interested in

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The CCP are, we should never forget, unelected. They have NO legitimacy and NO popular mandate to tell anyone in the PRC what to do, let alone democratically elected respresentatives in Hong Kong.

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