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China fires back at U.S. presidential candidates


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China, if you don't like that the world sees you as a threat, how about stop being a threat? Pretty straight forward don't you think?

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China’s state press lashed out at the anti-China tone of the discussions.

STFU China. This is exactly what you like to call "An Internal Matter"/ Comment on our elections whenj you learn to have them yourself.

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tkoind2, yep, that pretty much sums it up.

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“They’re taking jobs. They’re stealing our intellectual property, our patents, our designs, our technology, hacking into our computers, counterfeiting our goods,” Romney said. How many of Romney's investements are in CHINA too?? Both indirectly and indirectly??

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China has no business commenting on U.S, "Internal Matters". And you can't get more internal that the US Presidential Elections. And being that they don't have elections for their national leaders themselves they aren't qualified to be commenting on other nation's elections.

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China, we have been too nice to let you play your rule and game, but not any more.


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The next step is for Wal-Mart stores and KFC and Starbucks outlets in China to be trashed by the patriotic rioting mobs, who exhausted all potential Japanese targets a month ago and are getting impatient for new worlds to conquer.

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US will shift business strategy focusing on the South America from China. China knows that and being thretened.

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China lends so much money to the US. I don't see how America can do anything about, or to china. I mean what would happen if your lender stop lending to you. It' would be like an heroin addict cut off from his/her drugs too..

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“The sound and steady development of China-U.S. relations serve the fundamental interests of both countries and both peoples, it is also conducive to regional and world peace, stability and prosperity.”

Yep. But they have an election to win, so check back on November 5.

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I have news fo the Chinese: You will be fortunate indeed if your students - who come here to the USA and taste freedom - decide to come back to China and work. I know this because 40% of the students I teach here at Va. Tech are Chinese, and a great number of them like living in a place that isn't choked with pollution, governed by a tyranny that shuts down dissent (a' la' Google and YouTube in China), and a place that isn't overly crowded (Blacksburg Virginia, population 40,000 [35k of which are associate with Tech). And if this is happening in just one college town, imagine the thousand or so other major colleges and their towns experiencing similarly with their Chinese students.

Yep, China needs to be aware that their students actually like the USA, actually like freedom, and many of whom plan to get their green card once they get their education....

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China is mad again cause not be able to COPY this one no matter how hard they have tried.

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China has no business commenting on U.S, "Internal Matters".

And yet, Obama collects donations in China. Seems that some people there do have a vested interest in the US election.

Obama.com Purchased By An Obama Bundler In Shanghai, China With Questionable Business Ties to State-Run Chinese Enterprises: In 2008, Obama.com was purchased by an Obama fundraiser living in Shanghai, China, whose business is heavily dependent on relationships with Chinese state-run television and other state-owned entities.


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How many of Romney's investements are in CHINA too?? Both indirectly and indirectly??

@ Elduba: I wish Romney would have mentioned GE. Immelt, the Jobs Czar is also the CEO of GE. Last year, GE closed a 100 year old X-ray machine making plant in WI, and moved the plant to China. To add insult to injury, they also said that they would develop the area with $2 billion in investment to help train the high tech workers that would be needed to operate the plant.

Yet the current administration's "jobs czar" who is supposed to develop ways for the the current administration to keep jobs in America, is a leader in exporting jobs overseas. And by the way, GE paid no corporate taxes last year either. So much for bashing Romney when Obama is not looking in the mirror at his own administration.

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Wow...serious China-bashing and aggression here. Yet it's the US Navy that is patrolling China's seas, NOT China that is sending ships and subs to the US coasts. If some Chinese were to say such things about the US, the result would be widespread condemnation. Frankly, it's time for China to trade with the BRICs and the EU, forget about the US and Japan. The US and Japan can do without cheap Chinese labor and Chinese products.

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China has no business commenting on U.S, "Internal Matters".

Even when it is bashing China??

You're one of those who insist that Yasukuni Shrine has nothing to do with China and Korea, I guess worshiping Hitler in Germany will have nothing to do with Jews who live outside Germany.

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Qwerty2012: Yet it's the US Navy that is patrolling China's seas,

The U.S. Navy is in international waters. Unless of course, we should believe what China says, all of Asia is owned by China.

China is also saying Okinawa is theirs because some Okinawan emperor paid tributes to China at one point in time. The point that tributes were also paid to Japan doesn't seem to matter for China.

As far as the U.S.' attitude towards China, we don't care about the country. But we do care about artificially pegged exchange rates. Sure, the rates have been allowed to float a little, but the Chinese economy would crap out if the exchange rate were really based on the market value.

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If any one speak about China then China say shut up this is our internal matter. Now look what they are doing with other countries... China pays lot of money to communist in Asian countries to play for them. If China feel not comfortable with the bully view by other Asian countries and the world then Change your attitudes. Be a civilized in dealing with other countries in the world.

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As far as the U.S.' attitude towards China, we don't care about the country.

I would say that you do not speak for the US government nor the entire population of America. So, who is "we?"

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How dare the Chinese lecture President Obama.

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it's just all pre-election rhetoric. everything will be back to normal/status-quo, once the election is over. the u.s. will always need a public enemy #1. it's good for business & politics. post ww2, it was the soviet union...in the 1980s, it was japan...now it's china. who knows, maybe in another 25 years or so, it'll be canada or mexico.

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LOL I really wonder if Romney will keep his promise on creating tariffs on Chinese products and even start a trade war with them if he actually becomes president. That'll lead us further down to another Cold war...

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China simply wants to make the so called " international laws" into " laws made in China, by China , for China". The worst thing is they believe that they have or will have muscles and justification to back it up.

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At least U.S. has candidates to choose from. What does China have? Chinese people do not have anything to choose from.

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@ globalwatch

"US will shift business strategyand focus.....and China knows that and being threaten"

Are you serious or you are making a comment with tongue and cheek Most of the South American Countries do not regard US highly due to US meddling into their domestic Affairs.

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At least U.S. has candidates to choose from. What does China have? Chinese people do not have anything to choose from.

hope either candidates is a good choice, after spending a combine US$2 billion running for president.

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So the CCP wants to have an opinion on the US and the choices of it's citizens, yet the CCP does not allow its own citizens to have an opinion or choice in their government.

Its just so easy to bash China, because the CCP helped to make it that way.

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"Willing or not, Democratic or Republican, the next US president shall have to tone down his get-tough-on-China rhetoric made along the campaign trail,”

Is this an order?

I mean, China owns a lot of American debt (not as much as people make it out to be, only about 8%) but that doesn't give them the authority to command our political process. China manipulates its currency, furthering even more the advantage they have over the rest of the global market.

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