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China hits back at Obama over military muscle in South China Sea


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And it should be asked why Viet Nam, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc., are not complaining about the U.S. the way they are about China. Could it be because the U.S. military is more concerned with maintaining peace and stability in the region instead of building military bases on disputed islands near these various nations?

There was a story that former Pres. Clinton was talking with a Chinese diplomat a few years ago who told Clinton that Hawaii is actually a part of China. Clinton was surprised by such a comment and asked the Chinese diplomat (basically) How do figure that? And the Chinese diplomat said (something to the effect) Because if you look at the world map, China is closer to Hawaii than the United States.

This seems to be how China basically looks at the world around it. Maybe the Pacific Ocean (according to many Chinese) should be re-named The Sea of China.

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So China thinks building in disputed territory is "genuinely mak(ing) efforts to safeguard peace and stability". Well, I think the only response to that is to put some guns on the Senkaku islands.

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@stormcrow. Right. Other outrages comments were made by chinese diplomats like: china administer the pacific ocean west of Hawaiin Is and US handle everything east.

Nope. Aint' gona happen people.

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Just gotta luv communist rhetoric.

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@FizzBit I have to contend with people like yourself that praise Putin as the greatest democrat that ever lived. Some truth has to enter the picture at some point. China is making mischief. How anyone could defend such an action given how poor the other countries in this region are (the SCS), is unthinkable.

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China need to stop and act like a bully just because it is big. USA is big but at least they did not bully anyone in SEA.

Island issues = ICJ

Enuff said.

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show a flotilla of Chinese vessels dredging sand onto a feature known as Mischief Reef.

So quite literally it's China making Mischief.

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@Strangerland Yes. China is a non-democracy and you should be able to see that is a problem for the future by itself.

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Pluses and minuses to both. A one-party system can get things done a lot faster, without having an opposing party to torpedo it, sometimes even shutting down the government.

Don't get me wrong, the Chinese government has its problems, but I don't think they are necessarily inherent in a one-party system, I just think the Chinese government is corrupt.

If you ask Chinese people about their government, you find that opinions are not so different from Americans speaking of their own government. Lots of complaints, but a lot of pride on certain issues as well.

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Democracy has inherent advantages for peace. If you don't like the US then consider the hundred or so other countries with this system. If you value democracy at all you should be able to see this. China should not be allowed to be a holdout, propping up regimes like NK and Russia along the way.

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Yes China, the United States does have the biggest military on earth. But while we use our might to influence our diplomatic goals, what we don't do is use it to expand our territorial claims at the expense of smaller neighbors.

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This is old news. Obama should have done something about this 10 months ago when the story broke. That's when I remember hearing of it first.

Oh how about stop referring to the US as a democracy. It was founded as a Republic, not a democracy. Sadly, it's now a Plutocracy.

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although China is in no position to give any lessons, same can be told about the USA ;)

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Countries like the U.S. and Japan have no problem being economic partners with Communist China and love making money with them but when China starts throwing its weight around the countries that protest the most are the same countries that helped China become as powerful as it is.

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China and the US are NOT the same. We create alliances and cooperation, and we don't steal territory. China does not beieve in cooperation, they belive in subjugation.

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I've NEVER praised Putin. I think he's just as corrupt as Obama (jailing whistleblowers instead of investigating.) I just could not allow the lies from Washington about Ukraine being spread on here.

I agree with you about China. That's why we are re-engaging with the Philippines, as an example.

people like yourself that praise Putin as the greatest democrat that ever lived

Now that's just childish. What, slow Saturday morning? lol

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Just gotta luv communist rhetoric.

As compared to the democratic rhetoric from the US?

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We all know who got the biggest muscle and size, none other than US, self appoint Global Bully US government.

United States sure knows a thing or two about "bullying smaller nations". It's probably the biggest culprit in that area, although it usually goes beyond bullying into physical violence and massive destruction when deemed necessary. The usual hypocritical bullshit that the world has been fed by the US government.

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