China imposes new rules to fight child trafficking


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Its going to be interesting to read the coming comments.

Will the Chinese government be praised for acting? Condemned for acting too slow? Condemned just for being the Chinese government and/or communist? Will their plan be praised for its goals and/or its specifics? Or condemned for its specifics and because of the history of the Chinese government?

All I know for sure is that the goals are very welcome and I hope they succeed brilliantly in stamping out this trafficking and in getting orphans and abused children into good homes.

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In another case, Arken Wusiman sold his 12-year-old daughter in April 2009 to criminals who trained her as a pickpocket. After the girl was rescued and sent back home, Wusiman sold her again to another pickpocketing gang in January this year. He also sent two other abducted children to work as pickpockets, Xinhua said, citing the Markit county People’s Court.

He was sentenced to nine years in prison and fined 5,000 yuan ($780).

9 years? WOW, that's more than what a child-murderer would get here in japan. Usually parents who kill their children get the typical suspended sentence and in some special cases 3~4 years in prison, but that's it.

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oh china... your a dream for people who kill and traffic children... your punishments for it are rather easy.... no life in prison? no instant death? :( shame on you china, you dont care much at all do you?

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the new laws and intentions are laudable, but there will be problems with enforcing them, mainly due to corruption. I was pleasantly surprised by the strong police presence in Shanghai at night. But then I got puzzled when illegal taxis and pimps were offering services right near the policemen...

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