China island centenarians claim secret of long life


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I thought this was going to be about Okinawa!

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China island centenarians claim secret of long life

I saw China, island, and centenarians in the headline and naturally assumed it was a story about Okinawa...

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"secret of long life"

How about the secret of a happy life?

I can give y'all a hint. Ready? As you'll ever be, right?

Do stuff for other people, including people you don't even know, even if they've never done anything for you, or if they're total strangers.

Just for example, recently when it was raining, and a saw a woman holding her bag over her head, I offered her my spare 100 yen shop umbrella. She didn't want to take it at first of course, but I continued holding it over her head and she finally took it with a smile. Somehow I slept easy that night...

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“There is not a lot of industry, the climate is good, they can get exercise easily, and the diet is healthy; they have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and the soil is also naturally high in selenium”, an essential nutrient, she said.

What no McDonald's? How are the young people supposed to survive without a Coke, Burger and Fries.

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From the pictures, it seems one secret to longevity is poor dental hygiene.

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