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China launches bold attempt to land rover on Mars


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YuriOtaniToday 05:41 am JST

... They do not need the Americans permission.

But they need ( and steal ) American technology to explore the solar system.

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Yurt, no one suggested they do. Just questioned their actions and intentions.

gaihonjin, I have to disagree, you can ALWAYS trust the CCP to be disingenuous and up to something nefarious.

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Never trust the CCP.

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China has the right to explore the solar system just like any other country. They do not need the Americans permission.

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I always say "space is hard." Accomplishments for peaceful research, fairly achieved, should be congratulated.

US probes should create patterns in the Mars ground of Winnie the Pooh which can be seen from Mars orbit to show support for China.

Just hope China realized that NASA doesn't use the metric system, so all those numbers for the landing systems are in English units. We shall see.

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a bold attempt

To boldly go where no other mission has (boldly) gone before.

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So they will declare Mars Chinese territory and demand a 9-dot line across the planetary system :-?

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Why did they copy NASA's multi-mode landing method? Did their spies only get the process, but not the "why"?

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

If this was “just” a scientific mission I would be cheering it on. Unfortunately China’s entire space programme is deeply entwined with the military, ergo the rabid secrecy surrounding it and its objectives are very much other than a noble effort to understand the universe. There are long term military and political objectives which have nothing to do with benefiting mankind.

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How much you wanna bet China will "militarize" Mars?

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What a truly despicable event. This genocidal Communist regime looks the other way as hundreds of millions live in poverty - including many kids - and starve on the streets. Yet, Emperor Xi and his henchmen can somehow find the money and resources for this pointless exercise.

Epic Failure.

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Oh No!!!

Don't let them bring their Virus to Mars!

1 ( +7 / -6 )

I hope they make it. I don't want to be political. Too bad Wan couldn't have survived to see this mission hopefully succeed.

-1 ( +5 / -6 )

From martial law to Martian law

6 ( +9 / -3 )

"As soon as (if) China lands on Mars, you can bet they will claim that as part of their territory from hundreds of years ago and extend their 'economic' zone around it."

They claimed the galaxy and the next realm Mars is not even a drop in their bucket.

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As soon as (if) China lands on Mars, you can bet they will claim that as part of their territory from hundreds of years ago and extend their 'economic' zone around it.

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Poor Life on Mars (if there is any) - needs to wear a mask.

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