China launches main part of its 1st permanent space station


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In 2006 the vision for a third runway at London Heathrow airport, still to be built.

Now look at the achievement of China. Makes you wonder about democracy and autocracy

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The only reason the US will not lose its position as the top space power is because of SpaceX and Elon Musk.

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Wonderful achievement! There's politics and then there's science. Let's not let the former get in the way of the latter.

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All on technology licensed, stolen or copied from other societies that actually develop things.

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Yes correct all made from pirated, stolen or copied property rights goods etc.

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All stolen and copied. Courtesy of the CCP.

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Don't care whether it was stolen or copied - early America was notorious for this practice - the only point is that it succeeded. Two thumbs up for human kind.

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The Chinese communist party should be charged for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and pay billions of dollars of damages to all the countries it infected with the Wuhan virus. All the money spent on this useless technology is wasted and used for propaganda purposes.

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China can now assemble a space station which is indeed a great scientific achievement .

The sad part is the fact that Beijington still has no ability and wisdom to settle the Taiwan issue in a peaceful and cultured and Confucian way.

All those wumaos here can do a great deed for their country if they can convey a simple message to their master Prexy Xi JP.

Cultured and Confucian China should not act like the so-called 'barbarians' vs Taiwan.

The simple formula for a peaceful and 'win-win' scenario will be for the PROC to give unconditional extra special diplomatic relation to the ROC .

This will immediately end the ROT movement peacefully .

As it is now the ROC is simultaneously confronted by the PROC on one hand and the Republic of Taiwan advocates on the other.

Thus China will only be aiding and strengthening the ROT banner if Beijing continues to reject the existence of the ROC.

If the leaders of the PROC wants China to be great not only scientifically but also culturally then giving diplomatic recognition to ROC-Taiwan is a no brainer.

I bet President Xi Jin Ping will then win the Nobel Peace Prize and be Time Mags Man of the Century!

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Big Brother will be watching from space. Be good and mind what you say. Plenty more room in the "camps".

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“Permanent” now means “at least 10 years”?

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Going towards a better adventure.

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All stolen and copied. Courtesy of the CCP.


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A lot of young scientists were sitting on the control room. That's the future and strength of China.

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Well done, China. To infinity and beyond!

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IMO, it would be better for all concerned if the Chinese government would cooperate with the rest of the world in space exploration, instead of trying to do everything by themselves.

If nothing else, I hope that the docking systems on Chinese and non-Chinese space vehicles are compatible, so they can help each other in emergencies.

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1glennToday  06:29 pm JST

If nothing else, I hope that the docking systems on Chinese and non-Chinese space vehicles are compatible, so they can help each other in emergencies.

If the technology has been copied then they should be exactly the same.

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Meanwhile on every international trade and climate deal "we are a developing country!" (with a quickly growing space presence).

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China will probably claim space as their territory

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We need to know if there is life out there. We are just a speck of a speck. It’s about time we have an “Earth is not flat”discovery.

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So many sour grapes in these comments.

Sure, China grabbed a few US and Russian rockets, took them home and copied them?

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To any extraterrestrial life we are all one species from one planet. Pity we cant act as one.

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China's behavior on Earth is a problem. Can't imagine if China controlled space.

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It is nice that a WTO "developing country" has a manned space program. /s

The space program is a source of huge national pride

It should be. Congratulations China!

China will probably claim space as their territory

They will use the same game plan as they use at sea by building larger, stronger boats and having them sit on station fishing in contested waters. Their fishing ships are larger and more numerous than the coast guard patrol boats from other countries sent out to protect their 200 mi fishing rights. That was Xi's idea before he became dictator for life - and it has been working. Space won't be any different.

The US worked with partners. Each created a module and they built the ISS together. China is building The Tianhe and inviting visitors. It is a slightly different situation. China learns/keeps all the infrastructure aspects while others get to look out the window, for a price.

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Well done! I imagine it would be fun for those in space to have a neighbor to visit, go over for dinner, etc.

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The only reason the US will not lose its position as the top space power is because of SpaceX and Elon Musk.

Elon Musk had nothing to do with the Perseverance or the Ingenuity, which btw has its fourth flight today. The mission was launched into space by a ULA booster and his company developed none of the hardware on Mars, or any of the other amazing probes NASA JPL has launched into space.

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Mankind's greatest (only really) justification for its existence is lifting LIFE from this rock and spreading it as far as possible into the surrounding Universe. That is what LIFE does. That is why we are here. Without that we are just planetary lice. And still, the biggest, most difficult job of all, and egos and political blindness and just plain Human mental inadequacy sees us splitting our efforts, duplicating uselessly and expensively every single advance we make because WE, whoever 'we' are, didn't make it. If full co-operation amongst Humanity had been our ability when first we started this effort 70 years ago, we would not now have 'colonies' on Mars, we would have SUBURBS! Well, a little hyperbole... Why IS CO-OPERATION Mankind's greatest fear and, apparently from what we see, most aversive behavior? Yea! Celebrate! A success! But, there is so much more here to mourn...

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Now the space agency can return to the important work of indoctrinating people to attack whiteness. Its unreal what’s going on in the world these days.

Certainly seems so. A person could be forgiven for thinking it was unreal because it wasn’t actually real and somebody had imagined it.

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Looks like their core rocket stage will have an uncontrolled re-entry. Where, nobody knows. Don't look up!

The Long March 5B core stage’s orbital inclination of 41.5 degrees means the rocket body passes a little farther north than New York, Madrid and Beijing and as far south as southern Chile and Wellington, New Zealand, and could make its reentry at any point within this area.

The most likely impact will be in an ocean.

Would like a small piece to hit in my property, but not anything with nasty chemicals. Rockets tend to be made with nasty, toxic, chemicals.

SpaceX had a Falcon9 reenter recently and 2 pressure tanks hit the ground in Washington State. The LM-5B is 7x more massive.

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