China launches first crew to live on new space station


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Ironic isnt it, this iron state sending people to outer space to live while those living on earth controlled by that State are prisoners under the CCP rule.

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China is banned on the international space station because they are not trusted.

Rightly, so!

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China launches first crew to live on new international space station that was a copy of the American made version. We are happy China is going to their own international space station and offer our delight that they will be able to stay away from the big boys on the real International Space Station.

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Have fun in space while the rest of us continue to suffer from the pandemic your country gave us.

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Just another billion or so people and this plant can breath easy. Rockets ahoy.

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good luck guys well done...

-9 ( +7 / -16 )

Laughable. China is only several decades behind the US.

China has been stepping up cooperation with Russia 

Collaborating with Russia - a nation whose space program is a relic of the Soviet Union era. Just like China's rebadged Soviet Aircraft Carriers! LOL

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Whatever you think of the CCP, it takes balls of steel to sit in a rocket and blast off into space like that, knowing that if anyone of a myriad tiny things go wrong you'll be dead.

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This is a commendable project by the CCP. Space travel is a necessity for the human race. Although, I certainly hope this time, the remains of the rocket come back to earth, if this is the case, in a controlled manner.

-10 ( +2 / -12 )

Gee, It looks like China's got a Space Program. Huzzah! ICBMs anyone...?

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Way to go China! What a progress.

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Yeah and people said Space Force wasn’t necessary. Wrong again.

-12 ( +2 / -14 )

Laughable. China is only several decades behind the US.

It's the other way around, actually. But I know that it must be hard to admit.

-8 ( +2 / -10 )

The Chinese are gonna eat our lunch, as a wise man said.

I like my lunch.

$17.5 billion.

President Biden's budget request for the U.S. Space Force is $17.5 billion, a $2.1 billion increase, of which half is due to programs transferring in from other services.

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Go go China!

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

Then space force was not only necessary but critical. As it was the only military service to get growth in Biden budget.

another forward thinking Trump win. Once again Biden benefits from what Trump built and left for him.

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

Wouldn’t want the CCP floating around above our heads without the ability to counteract any bad intentions they may have.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

P. SmithToday 05:21 pm JST

The Chinese are gonna eat our lunch, as a wise man said.

Not into the whole capitalist free market thing, I see. Should democratic governments interfere in their markets to prevent businesses from operating in China?

You'll make their brains burst with this kind of talk, Agent Smith. After all, they support a man who borrowed money from China to pay American farmers to not sell their produce to China.

$17.5 billion.

Another massive sum thrown into the maw of the military-industrial complex while large areas of their country descend into third world status, and they're bragging about it. The Chinese leadership must be laughing their socks off in private.

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Using technology stolen from the U.S. and the Russians.

The Chinese are reasonable good and reverse-tech engineering. They create nothing themselves.

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Well, at least they're not hitching a ride. If they're not wanted, they'll do it themselves.

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Meanwhile the other space powers (Russia and the US ) are at each others throats

At the moment the US is totally dependent on Russia to ferry its astronauts to the ISS,19%20countries%20have%20visited%20the%20ISS%20since%202000.

The US had the technological lead, but since the Space Shuttle closure it has lost it.

The US is now playing catch up and is well behind.

That is not good

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Yep and who shut down the space shuttle program and why?

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There is enough to be upset with China about, but salivating and name-calling every time the country's name is mentioned, no matter what the topic, is not very far along the path to civilization. Congratulations to any country that succeeds in getting people into space and figuring out how to survive there.

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Congratulations to China and to the people involved!

Fly safe, come home safe! Get/make lots-o-science!

The space shuttle was 1970s technology. The computers used 550W each - there were 5 of them and ran at 25Hz. Originally, they used core memory, not solid state for safety reasons. Tiny computer components are at risk from high energy particles in space which usually cause computer errors every 7-14 days. Error correction counts prove this. The smaller the components are, the more damage a single high-energy particle can cause to more systems.

Since cell phones have become a daily thing, computing tech is very different from what they used on the space shuttles. NASA's X-37 spaceship was built on completely different technology - basically just the aerodynamics and heat handling are related. The X-37 program was taken over by the DoD and they've been flying Boeing X-37b models for years setting duration records almost every mission. That is what current spaceflight looks like. SpaceX is doing it publicly. Boeing, Lockheed, and others are doing their most interesting work in black budgets, not working with NASA or other govts. NASA is 50% about international cooperation. China is specifically excluded by US law after so many successful espionage missions stealing classified US technology.

Space stations are mostly about pressure vessels, power generation, power conservation, and logistics to maintain humans away from Earth. NASA always had emergency return vehicle(s) available connected to the station. The Russian spacecraft may have been from the 1960s, but they held air and could get back to Earth reliably. That's what I fear China is lacking, if they have plans for continuous living inside their space station as it grows.

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