China launches longest-ever manned space mission


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My best wishes and hope for a successful flight and safe return. 我很欣賞你的探索意識

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A nation that has an advanced manned space program shouldn't still be receiving developmental aid from the U.N. or the U.S.

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USinjapan 2, china do not need aids from the US nor UN, in fact, its the other way around, China is US's largest foriegn creditor

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USinjapan 2, you must still lived in the last century.

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It is just wonderful how the nations of the world have co-operated in regard to space travel, so that no money or time is wasted on duplication. Yes, earthlings are just one big happy family who realize we are all boiling in the same stew pot.

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I am happy for China but does this mean now the moon is going to get all crowded and polluted too??

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Bob Lee, davidake

You really didn't know that the PRC receives a considerable amount (in the $ billions) of developmental aid from other countries like the US and from the United Nations? It's not a secret or anything. Go look it up.

china do not need aids from the US nor UN, in fact, its the other way around, China is US's largest foriegn creditor

You're absolutely right. China does NOT need it, seeing as they have plenty of money for such a space program and can afford to blow $40 billion on their Olympics. So why is the PRC still receiving $2.5 billion+ in developmental aid, just this past year? Being a creditor to other nations is one thing, still getting financial aid for your domestic problems like poverty is another. My point is they shouldn't be receiving a single dollar from anyone as rich as they are.

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China receives about 50 million a year from the US. Compared to the amount of US debt China holds, that means China would be paid off in about 240,000 years at the current rate. How magnanimous of the United States.

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I am not talking about debt payment. The money owed to China as a creditor nation is paid with interest. The funds I am talking about are DEVELOPMENTAL AID, that's money that's gifted by developed nations and the UN to UNDER-developed nations. Those are two completely different things. So again, with an advanced space program like this and billions spent on nice-to-have projects like the Olympics, you're going to tell me that China is deserving of developmental aid to assist it with domestic problems like poverty? I don't.

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