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China locks down city of 1.2 million after three virus cases


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The Beijing regime has painted itself into a corner by claiming that the CCP had "defeated" the virus, so now they are overreacting to keep up the fiction.

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Yes, that’s the way to do it. The regime is a mess, but how they handle this specific problem is exactly what is leading to the right results. Other countries would be happy if they would only need to close a little village or town here and there, if set into comparison with the population size. Look how they get into trouble in Australia for example, just a few weeks after having changed their strategy from one similar to China’s into the common used ‘live with the viruses’ strategies, that are all misleading and triggering the disaster even more.

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China variant will be the final mutation, they will be sitting ducks long after the rest of the world has let it run and got on with their lives.

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To the people of China, continue to work hard to control this virus which came from your nation.

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Just a drama. They never release true details of their nation's activities.

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It might seem excessively strict, but at the same time the CPC's policies has also been amongst the most effective in the world. Compare the rate of fatalities in one of the most populated countries on the planet with how nations like the US are faring, and it is pretty much night and day. If everyone had been this strict, we would probably already be past the entire pandemic by now.

Unfortunately, unless they want to totally close their borders China is going to have to keep implementing these kinds of lockdowns until the rest of the world catches up to them.

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Precisely how the whole world got into this ridiculous mindset and reacted so hysterically to the Rona. Following China's lead was the worst thing we could have done.

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Wonder what they would do here, 389 total today, population of about 1.4 million!

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Well the headline pretty much says it all in how the very few want to control the many.

The USA has finally woken up to all the lies the government and media have been instigating in regards to the plandemic!

2022 will indeed be a good year as people start taking back their personal power……

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I don't get it. Didn't they say that they had eliminate the virus in ther own nation?

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locks down city of 1.2 million after three virus cases

This part caught my eye and I thought it was another New Zealand story before I saw it was a China one :)

The New Zealanders came around though to their credit, and now only China is sticking with this fantasy of no Covid.

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China reported another 175 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, including five in Henan province and eight more in a separate cluster linked to a garment factory in the eastern city of Ningbo.

China - 175 new cases a day

Japan- 1,151 new cases a day

US - 486,658 new cases a day

False numbers can’t explain everything. What gives?

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False numbers can’t explain everything. What gives?

first things first, dont believe any number the chinese govt provides

omi has been ramping up in oz at around the same rate, and given the US' "freedom to breath" lack of basic mask ettiquette, the US numbers seem believable. obviously china is the outlier.

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first things first, dont believe any number the chinese govt provides

False numbers explain the 175 cases per day but it doesn’t explain 486,658. Why so high? mask culture or vaccine efficacy/vaccination rate?

The Chinese said there have been zero covid deaths since April 2021.

Well, I don’t believe that.

Total deaths per Worldometers.info

China 4,636

Japan 18,396

USA 848,885

What gives, the lockdown? There seems to be little lockdown fatigue. No protests and online reaction to “living with Covid-19” extremely negative.

When this first broke out China was incompetent and failed to lock down Wuhan, but now that the government learned from its mistakes and is locking down at the first sign of virus, 3 asymptomatic cases, it’s totalitarianism.

There is no stopping future outbreaks even if you announced immediately instead of waiting four weeks as few countries have citizens who will cooperate with a full lockdown and you can’t force foreigners to stay in your country thereby dispatching them as carriers.

(Rare camellia. What’s the name of the variety?)

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Chinese people will put up with a lot, but there are limits. Covid Zero is not sustainable. It's implementation in this manner may undermine support for the CCP. It is perhaps the only thing that will.

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Well the headline pretty much says it all in how the very few want to control the many.

What gives one the right to risk the health of others by not taking precautions necessary to stop the spread of a pandemic? One's freedom to do as they please ends when it risks the health and safety of others. It is not at all about controlling others, it is about a reasonable expectation that mature well adjusted adults will exercise the self restraint necessary to defeat a pandemic that affects everyone in a nation. A pandemic is not going to magically control itself while you go on your merry way living life like nothing bad is happening. YOU have obligations to your family, your neighbors, your community and your nation to do everything possible to arrest the spread of this pandemic. That means giving up some activities you like. We all have to give up some things to stop this pandemic. Be adult about this please.

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3 cases doesn't mean 3 cases. China does neighborhood testing and if 1 case is found, they stop testing and lock down the city. The local officials don't want to know any more bad news, since it shows failure for their management - or at least that's the perception by normal citizens and the state and national bosses (i.e. CCP leaders).

These lockdowns happen without announcement, so people who haven't kept their pantries stocked can end up with little food to last them during the period they are stuck inside their apartments and forbidden from leaving. If they leave, without approval and get caught, 2 things can happen.

a) public shaming. That's where police come, arrest them, then put a few others in a line up, make them wear torso-sized billboards with their photos, names, and the crime. Next, they are paraded before a crowd to be yelled at, have items thrown at them, spit on, and in some situations, beaten by the crowd. There are videos of this. The entire event. NSFW or children to see the last half.

b) The health authorities will place a door outside their apartment door, preventing the people from leaving. This extra door can be in-place for 3-7 days. Imagine you live on the 12th floor in an apartment, have little food, and are trapped by Govt inside your home? There are videos of this - doors going on and being taken off later.

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Totalitarian China sets the standard for the Totalitarian planet.

I think NK and Myanmar are worse. NK has a Zero Plate meal plan for the truly patriotic. They are pushing the 2-meals a day plan for everyone. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/01/world/asia/north-korea-kim-jong-un.html Over 60% of NK population are labeled "food insecure".

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All these countries with a zero Covid policy will be the last to come out of this thing, Japan included. Just let the disease run it's course and be done with it. Literally, everyone I know has had Covid with little or no symptoms.

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Chinese people will put up with a lot, but there are limits. Covid Zero is not sustainable. It's implementation in this manner may undermine support for the CCP. It is perhaps the only thing that will.

Eh, it depends on how widespread the restrictions are and perhaps whether or not there are demonstrations against the restrictions that are harshly suppressed. If only a couple of cities are involved while most of the nation goes about its business mostly normally I can see the CCP surviving this. Only if it involved the whole nation would their continued rule be at risk.

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