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China, NATO officials discuss Afghanistan, regional tensions


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Wang referred to the Taliban as “a pivotal military and political force in Afghanistan" that is “expected to play an important role in the in process of peace, reconciliation and reconstruction."

The Taliban's idea of peace and reconciliation is women live and work at home, dont go out without a male and have zero prospects for a constructive future. And the executions, let us not forget the Taliban catching those who have slighted it and who must now die in retribution, that they will call reconciliation.

As for reconstruction, as the smart educated citizens have left or are in the process of leaving, and as half the brains in that nation are women who can no longer contribute to society, the Taliban's efforts at reconstruction will be completely in the hands of foreigners.

A nation with no bright future looking at the present from the stone age.

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If China feels it can do what the US and allies failed to do in 20 plus years, then knock yourselves out guys. Good luck with that. Expecting the Taliban to sit back on what’s happening in Xinjiang also sounds like a reach. If anything Afghanistan will become a chaotic hotbed for next generation terrorist activities and training. The weapons they have! Who will be the target though?

Chinas calls to act responsibly, hard not to scoff at that. Australia just got threatened with nuclear Armageddon for not towing their ridiculous and overtly aggressive line. All while claiming some sort of victim card! It’s just messed up.

This long haul game that China is supposedly playing is starting to look more like utter chaos and double think. Hopefully it’s just hyperbole, in that it’s a grand performance custom designed to appeal to its own populace. The only thing that makes the rational world nervous is the fact that you never know what a madman is gunna do, nor capable of. Must be hard working at the UN, or NATO and having to try and take these guys seriously.

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One never knows the future. Perhaps the Taliban men will come forward clean shaven wearing three pice suits, and their women dressed elegantly for a NYC ball like event. We must watch and see.

Stay positive.

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There is no issues of common concern, Sound like NATO spin. Why do NATO want to get into bed with CHINA ???? NATO only option to to show China the door.

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Wang criticized the dispatch of planes and ships from member states to areas near China’s borders, saying “the Asia-Pacific region does not need new military groups, nor should it involve a confrontation between great powers, even less a small circle designed to incite a new Cold War.”

The Right Honourable Wang Yi must know by now that NATO is an Alliance that consists of 30 independent member countries, with many "Partners across the globe" that include Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea, and New Zealand. All are brought together in the face of several authoritarian powers with large military convential and nuclear forces, (and a handful of extremist military regimes and juntas) that do not share the member / partner collective values of self-preservation, and would likely do members /partners considerable harm upon a mere whim or pretext.

For China's PM to pretend that NATO members and partners do not have clear interests in the Asia-Pacific region is, at best, naive. In the reality that is diplo-speak, though, it is clearly and unnecessarily provocative and coercive. And intended to divide member against member against partner, who all share legitimate common concerns over China's most unfortunate policy of seizing regional dominance through the aggressive use of the People's Liberation Army.

In fact, China's foreign policy in practice is like watching repeated performances by a large symphony orchestra that will only play three notes. Over and over and over, ad nauseam.

Small wonder that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg raised NATO’s collective concerns with FM Wang Yi over "China’s coercive policies, expanding nuclear arsenal and lack of transparency on its military modernisation."

China can and should do better by its neighbors. And the rest of the world.

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It has been strongly critical of the shambolic U.S. withdrawal that paved the way for the Taliban sweeping to power, calling it hasty and irresponsible.

Republicans and the CPC not only have the same take on how the evacuation was conducted but also on the value of stability contributed by the US presence. The line of thinking is similar.

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China is concerned about Afghanistan becoming a base for Uyghur rebels and their supporters from around the Islamic world. China would like to think that they can buy the Taliban's allegiance with "development" money but perhaps not. And then there is ISIS-K and the tribes who do not have any allegiance to anyone but their own, but who like to fight. Yeah, China is worried now that the US is out.

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China doublespeak w/ regard to Afghan withdrawal and their role in Central Asia? Maybe.... but IMO China is just speaking to its own citizens when its saying these things.

From a Chinese-Vietnamese perspective, they only care what their own citizens think; they don't care what the rest of the world thinks. They don't care about what Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese people think or do behind their backs. They want to have a vestige or decorum in front of them.

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For Japan to deal w/China is like for a person to deal w a tiger:

you lay a clever trap,

you don't criticize the tiger, certainly you don't tease it

or draw attention to yourself!

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Let China to move the Muslim concentration camps from Uyghur to Afghanistan ......... So that It gets more support... ha ha ha ..

World Muslim community has no problem for killing many thousands of Muslims in China. But These Muslims are mad at Israel. Where is their sincerity ??? Even the Taliban is happy with China killing Uyghur Muslims... ha ha ha .. what a joke....

But Only Trump administration made protest against China's action towards Uyghur Muslim concentration camps.

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World Muslim community has no problem for killing many thousands of Muslims in China. But These Muslims are mad at Israel. Where is their sincerity ???

That you can’t make sense of this shows more investigations are required.

Muslims are unlikely to sit and watch while thousands of Muslims are being killed. Some will even fly planes into tall buildings for retribution.

Muslim leaders have been to Xinjiang. There would be war with China if what you’re saying, that many thousands are being killed, is true.

One Uighur woman who was released after ten months in the detention center in an interviewed shared:

I wasn’t beaten or abused. The hardest part was mental. It’s something I can’t explain — you suffer mentally. Being kept someplace and forced to stay there for no reason. You have no freedom. You suffer.

To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. We had our phones. We had meals in the canteens. Other than being forced to stay there, everything else was fine.

That is only one person. Maybe others were beaten, tortured and raped. We have to keep watching, but the claim that thousands are being killed requires evidence that has not be shown in years.

If you watch the BBC documentaries with interviews of Uighurs, you’ll see the facilities don’t even look like prisons detention centers but more like schools.

The charges I’ve read has gone from millions being killed, to hundreds of thousands, to thousands, and finally to they’re not being killed but sterilization is genocide. Who would want to be pregnant in a Xinjiang concentration camp anyway?

They have phones with cameras. If thousands are being killed, it stands to reason the interviewees would say many are being killed. They’re not.

Population control and family policy is genocide is the current charge. This is what it has trickled down to unless you have evidence that thousands are being killed.

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