Australia, New Zealand, U.S. sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific


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Why in the hell,do everyone want the US to get involved and protect them,when they will not protect their own children

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The broken record speaks.

The Solomon Islands has said it will not host Chinese bases, but it is also prohibited from speaking publicly about the deal without China's permission.

Must be a lucrative time to be an island politician.

Sums up the entire situation right there. There’s an old saying that goes, “ That guy would sell his own mother if he could.” These guys have just sold their own motherland. Hope that works out for ya guys, hope the locals don’t get wind of the actual implications too quickly either, for your sake.

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hello Houston do you have any problem...?

are things are getting out of your hands,out of your control?

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Panuelo knows what is likely to happen. You get promised greater connectivity ...just think of how the internet will make your lives better... with all the servers operating in China ( by cable that the CCP will run

underwater) to pick up any Government communication. Then there is the fishing boats with small cannons mounted on deck... for your protection !!!

Even though the Memo of Agreement drawn up ( which is not available to be shown to anyone outside of the two parties ie CCP and Island Nation) might not actually specifically mention, there needs to be a large wharf built for peaceful ships ( which could be about the same size of an aircraft carrier )

Come on....

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most of the leaders of the South Pacific banana republics would sell out there own country for a few million bucks and a luxury condo in Singapore or London. This is child's play for CCP and China well understands the benefits of splashing out some illicit payments. Why does the West try to play a transparent game of checkers where they telegraph their every move and feel a need to justify it to the media? If the West doesn't start playing chess with the Chinese and thinking 30-50 years ahead instead of their next election, the West will lose control of the world in the long run.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

YrralToday  03:35 pm JST

Why in the hell,do everyone want the US to get involved and protect them,when they will not protect their own children

I find your attempt to mix international geopolitics with an extremely tragic domestic crime in which 21 people, 19 of them being elementary school children were murdered, is in very bad taste.

6 ( +15 / -9 )

end of western neocolonialism of Pacific nations in sight?

highly likely...yes?

-6 ( +5 / -11 )

Don't do it island nations! You'll regret it in the long run.

The West and Japan should've never funded the development of China back in the 80s and 90s.

10 ( +16 / -6 )

but it is also prohibited from speaking publicly about the deal without China's permission

The Chinese/ authoritarian way, once again. Freedom of speech and expression do not exist under authoritarian regimes. And as Hong Kong has learned violators will be punished. Authoritarian systems are for those who need to be puppets and have big brother tell them what to say and do.

China and other empires, leave sovereign states alone, tend to your citizens and your own problems first. And China, stop pushing your Fentanyl and other synthetic drugs around the world, I know the Opium Wars were terrible, but...

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China to control internet, fishing, security and training diplomats and police in the Chinese way. Setting up confucius schools to teach whatever the CCP wants to push out. A Chinese takeover and a virtual end to their sovereignty. A loss of the right to speak out against China in anything and a forced support of one China policy. China's "pacific shield" to be used against the west.

A sad time for the Pacific nations who must choose their freedoms above a few dollars up front that have a very high interest rate, and a cost beyond imagining for those tiny nations.

China the con man is on the move, everyone beware.

9 ( +14 / -5 )

In dealing with this group centered, antipathetic to the individual, free riding, garrison mentality, cultural card playing society that views us as suicidally altruistic, culturally decadent suckers ripe for the plucking, quid pro quo must at all times be the guiding principle. If there is to be cultural enrichment, it cannot be on only one side’s our way or the highway terms as is now largely the case.

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Time to pull out the cheque book uncle Sam ....peace comes with a hefty price and the Chinese already used such tactics to force many African countries into debt

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That sounding of an alarm comes a bit late after seeing all the activities in Africa, Chinese sea, Silk roads policy, Solomon Islands and so on. But anyway, waking up is still better than continuous sleeping on that matter.

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Could it just be that China offers a better deal than becoming a vassal state of the US or Australia?

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This is beer money for China. The West at least should put in an offer. Money talks.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

The west doesn't have the money. All the money they looted from China and India has been spent.

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These paradise islands may have some social difficulties, but at least they have their freedom - this will be the first and most significant loss they'll feel the second they allow the sneaky pernicious Chinese to inveigle their way in to this region, with their total oppression and sinister way of life via surveillance and eavesdropping, and military bases.

I hope the status quo remains in Oceania, and that any needs can be met through the cooperation of Australia, New Zealand, and all of the other small island-nations in the region - definitely NOT the Chinese: you wouldn't wish what they're offering on your worst enemy.

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These 5 eye countries, sounding the alarms, over what is happening in The South Pacific??

These sort of things/deals/treaties etc etc has been going on since the end of WW2. What is going on there now, is just a new player, copying/doing exactly what the others have been doing for years, so, i wonder, why sounding the alarms now?? Or, is it? its been done by your competitors???

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The adults have now left the room and the asylum taken over by neo Marxist hacks whose political nous was honed in the gladiatorial arena of radical student politics. Whether through suicidal factional infighting, inability to deal with multiple challenges confronting the nation in a deteriorating global security environment, or simply the electorate suffering buyers remorse at having been lumbered with what looks likely to be a minority government with a diminished vote and beholden to pork barrel demanding independents, their ‘victory’ may turn out to be Pyrrhic.

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OKuniyoshi - 'what is going on there now, is just a new player'

Wrong !! There is no way you can equate a Chinese takeover of the Solomons and 4 other potential islands with anything which may have taken place in the past, by which I think you mean as 'colonialism'.

In any event, the fact that colonisation took place in hundreds of different countries in the past, means that we have to avoid making the same historical mistakes now.

The 'assistance' being offered by the Chinese is certainly not for the good of the island-peoples - why on earth would they do this ? Their aim is to establish a powerful military presence in the region, with the deep-water harbours construction and runways extended into the ocean. Then they move into other aspects like training the police in their sinister and repressive techniques, introduce eavesdropping and video-surveillance of the whole populations, detaining any dissenters who try to criticise the new regime, until the Sinocisation is complete, just like they've done in Tibet and Hong Kong, where any hint of free-speech and democracy has been extinguished. They've already declared that Taiwan is their next target / victim.

It is imperative that the deceitful CCP is stopped very quickly in its' tracks, as such activity is very de-stabilising. You have to remember that they current have 11 separate international disputes ticking away, they are rotten to the core, sneaky, and never to be trusted.

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Could it just be that China offers a better deal than becoming a vassal state of the US or Australia?

you’re welcome to move to China, or Russia.

oh that’s right, you enjoy your freedom too much

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I am not a fan of China, but I am in completely in favor of sovereign nations having the ability to negotiate the deals they want, but buyer beware!

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Martimurana[, That was brilliant. Nailed it.

The "It's our turn now and America bad mmmkay" narrative is all that they can come up with. No one will engage you with such a calm-headed, historically factual and rationalist approach. It's pure entitlement, doublespeak and revenge lust. We see it play out every day here on JT. There's the old saying that, communication with an idealogue is impossible. All the evidence here seems to back up this sad and dangerous truth.

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