China overtakes U.S. in number of diplomatic missions


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In results likely to be read as a bellwether for geopolitical shifts, the think tank said U.S. diplomacy had "entered a period of limbo", with President Donald Trump's budget cuts and troubles retaining career diplomats.

So this is also DT's fault? 

If you read the article nowhere is any reason for this given that would somehow link to DT.......

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meh...slow news story. So what? More doors for defecting, more avenues for learning about CCP bad behaviour.

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Xi playing the long game....

Trump playing the moron game....

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If there's no limit to having posts, then any country can go for it, so why not China

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China’s playing the long game and wants a 56 inning baseball game. They’ll wait for their fate.

They’ll let the rioters be pricks and chuck bricks. They’ll wait until ‘47, when by then Trump’ll be in heaven.

This is the culture that brought water torture.

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China’s strategic diplomacy versus Donny’s dumb diplomacy, take your pick.

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Hope China's international diplomacy will create a greater world peace.

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SPAM doesn't bother me too much, I ignore it for what it is.. likewise Snake-oil peddlers.... Foreign "Diplomatic" Missions sort of fall into the same Categories....

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So this is also DT's fault? 

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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I actually think China’s move to the grand stage of global diplomacy will be a good thing in the long run. Now every incompetent government on the planet can start blaming the Chinese for their own failures and corruption instead of the US.

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Mexico has the most consulates in the US.

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China's rise is deeply troubling and should be contained.

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Communist China has become powerful by having most Diplomatic Missions, simply by promising loans and benefits to third world nations like in Africa. These nations are all corrupt, money talks. These "loans" they can never repay, so Communist China will simply sieze all assets and control these nations in a few years.

Its up to the Free World, lead by Trump and PM Abe, to stand up to bully Communist PRC, before its too late! And they will.

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Great. Maybe the Chinese can now take the lead in fighting Islamic terrorism.

Nah, that might cost some lives.

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So now China has more global spy nests that we do. This country needs to get on the ball amd fast.

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All part of Xi and China's grand plan for greater influence worldwide. Wouldn't matter if it was Trump, or Obama, or Abraham Lincoln in the WH, the Chinese would still be doing exactly what they're doing now. Belt and Road is just part of it.

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Hope China can handle all the asylum seekers.

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Great. Maybe the Chinese can now take the lead in fighting Islamic terrorism.

Serrano, They have been, by putting millions of their own citizens into re-education camps.

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