China pushes back on FBI claims of Chinese 'police stations' in U.S.


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One Word.... to explain the CCP's explanation.

@Moderators - can you allow it please ?


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The CCP has, setup "centers of guidance" throughout many Countries. These places are not for simply giving directions to the nearest local Tourist venue, or for how to renew your driving license... but instead, they are there to eliminate any dissent that may harm the CCP.

Sadly, the recent actions recently by the Biden Administration towards the Saudi's .... gives an open door for the Chinese CCP to do whatever they want.

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They cannot hide the fear that they have of the great advance of China, now they are going to use their usual weapon of harassment and racism to the chinese in the US..

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China's Embassy in Washington acknowledged the existence of volunteer-run sites in the United States, but said they were not "police stations" or "police service centers."

"They assist overseas Chinese nationals who need help in accessing the online service platform to get their driving licenses renewed and receive physical check-ups for that purpose," Embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu said in an email to Reuters on Friday.

There’s a name for those kinds of places. They’re called embassies and consulates. They’re declared. They have diplomatic immunity and limits on what they can and cannot do.

THESE places are spy centers, propaganda arms of the CCP and secret police centers. They also do not have diplomatic immunity and should really ALL be raised, their “owners” questioned and then invited to leave the country.

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They cannot hide the fear that they have of the great advance of China,

Funny, many Chinese have a fear of the US. At least the US doesn’t make knock-off imitation anything.

now they are going to use their usual weapon of harassment and racism to the chinese in the US..

So you’re saying that when a guy comes at me with a knife, I just have to stand there and let him stab me? Yeah, seems real logical to me.

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Why would a Chinese citizen need their Chinese driving licence renewed in New York?

What an implausible and obviously false reason given here…

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Calling them 'police stations' conjures up images of cells, interrogation rooms, weapons...

But none of those are present.

What they do have is secured computers that allow for the filling out of official forms allowing people to renew business licences, apply for building permits, etc.

The sort of things that the term 'government service counters' would conjure up.

So ask yourself why they're not being called that.

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These thing are supposed to be in an embassy or counselor building,not in a restaurant

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The CCP puts up lots of "Cultural" groups around the world, that have little to do with Chinese culture and everything to do with pushing the CCP agenda and hassling people of Chinese ancestry outside China for using the local country's right to free expression.

Sometimes they go after regular Chinese citizens outside China who are behaving completely legally in the country, but Beijing doesn't like or is embarrassed by the truth being told.

Ref: Https:// not just happening in the US. Also in Serbia, Croatia, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Zambia, South Africa, Ecuador, UK/London, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Argentina, Chile, Brazil. 36 stations in Europe. 1 in NYC.

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