China putting U.S. space assets at risk, senior U.S. officer says


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The station represents a significant milestone in China's three-decade crewed space program, first approved in 1992. It also flags the start of permanent Chinese habitation in space.

How dare they? The space belongs to US!

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More warmongering?

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"international rules-based order" is what these Anglo-Saxon countries like to frame it, (fooling no one/or at least not everyone), and its used for all things/everything under the sun to hang on to their hegemony. What it actually says is, Anglo-Saxon's rules-based order.

Everyone/country is suppose to happily allow/let the American lead them? happily follow the American? wherever/whichever direction/place the American want? Allowing their own progress/advancements to be dictated? at the pleasure of the American? Regardless of whether they can find their own way/direction?

Wake up.

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It’s a neutral space(sic) to overtly militarise it pushing boundaries that don’t need to be pushed, that’s asking for trouble, just work with not against others? Is that so hard?, or will your noodles get cold?

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Sounds like a job for Space Foooorce!

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Agreed, good thing we had a forward thinking President who actually created such a branch of the Armed Force, despite all the derision sent his way. was right yet again.

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The US Military (all branches) is All In on Cold War 2.0.

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so also space is "US owned"?

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Ah yes, Don’s “Space Farce”

He was more concerned with creating a new branch than with capabilities. Thank Goodness Star Trek “inspired” it’s logo, eh?

The Air Force had things well in hand.

Concerns about threats to our assets pre-existed the Dotard and they will continue to be top of mind long after he’s taken up residence in Trump Tower Leavenworth (Room for the whole Klan).

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deanzaZZRToday  02:54 pm JST

The US Military (all branches) is All In on Cold War 2.0.

And you think the militaries of China and Russia aren't??

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@OssanAmerica I believe China, as an emerging regional power, has every right to invest in its military to catch up to the security challenges that surround it. As a socially liberal American citizen I am shocked to see how Biden has embraced the role of the US as world policeman. $800 billion for America's war machine this year, likely to eclipse $1 trillion soon. The Pentagon and think tanks like the Center for Strategic International Studies and its ilk (like Rand) thrive in conflict and confrontation. Give diplomats and peace a chance.

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Ah yes, Don’s “Space Farce”

no its actually called the United States Space Force.

"The United States Space Force is the space service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, one of the eight U.S. uniformed services, and the world's only independent space force."

Thanks "Don".

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continue to be top of mind

you speak just like the Biden administration. its like cult speak. "let me be clear", et al.

What "capabilities" does the only Space Force in the world lack that concern you? I dont believe a logo would have any impact on that either positively or negatively. and definitely have no idea what Trump Tower or the Klan would have to do with it.

so basically another nonsensical post. Just congratulate the person who created the US Space Force for a job well done, and move on.

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Usually when one speaks of an exercise in self-gratification that contributes nothing to society, one refers to Don’s idiot children.

But in this case, it’s “Space Farce”.

It contributed nothing in terms of new capabilities. It creates redundancies in budgets and red tape.

It doesn’t solve anything that wasn’t already being dealt with.

Pentagon and DOD didn’t want it.

it was really a Trump monument to himself. An exercise in self-aggrandizement using other people’s money.

How utterly on-brand.

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If you want to live under Chinese domination then go for it, go live in China, or Tibet, or East Turkestan and enjoy it. If you don't then you probably have to resist China however you can, even in space. Even if it is by way of using "The Great Satan," which seems to be a slightly better option. What do the supporters of China believe China offers, except that it is not the US? I have never figured out.

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no its actually called the United States Space Force.

A bit touchy today are we? Tssk.

I actually think it was quite a cute idea. Hollywood will make billions off it in the 22nd century.

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China's greediness is not coming to an end whether it is land or it is space!

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It contributed nothing in terms of new capabilities. It creates redundancies in budgets and red tape.

“Biden’s 2023 defense budget adds billions for U.S. Space Force”

The Big Guy likes them and has no problem with their budget.

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What do the supporters of China believe China offers

Most of the supporters of China living in the West are the ethnic Chinese who relive their fantasy of the Middle Kingdom ruling the world just like they think it did during the ancient and medieval times. Some of them have never been and will never be to the country which their ancestors fled ages ago.

However, even their racial pride and supposed fascination with China’s history overlooks the fact that China was an influential civilization only over a part of East Asia till they were overrun by the Golden Hordes of Genghiz Khan. In other parts of Asia, there were other ancient civilizations like the Mesopotamia/Babylon, the Persian and the Indian civilizations which were equally advanced with achievements of their own.

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Congress controls the purse strings. I seem to recall you going on about that at length. Is that an oversight or are you intentionally ignoring it for rhetorical reasons? But I digress.

Herein lies an analogy that is particularly apt to anything Trump touches.

Much like Human waste can be used as fertilizer, it might be possible to re-purpose it to gain some amount of value (after the parasites are removed of course).

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